Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Robot Invasion?

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How to Play Brawl Stars Robot Invasion?
How to Play Brawl Stars Robot Invasion?

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Robot Invasion Which are the Best Characters?

Top Characters in Robot Invasion
Brawl Stars Robot Invasion Top Characters

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  • 8-BIT: 8-BIT Deals excellent damage from a safe distance and the damage increase from his turret is just as good as having a 4th team member. Wait for these bots to get a little closer to inflict maximum damage. Save your first turret for the first big robot, then start using them for the vault as well. If he puts his Super near the vault, he'll be able to teleport to the vault if it's critically endangered. accessory Fraudulent Cartridge, You can use.Accessory Extra Creditscan help your team defeat robots like Big Robots with enormous amount of health.
  • pam: If all of Pam's scrap pieces hit a target and reach above average health, she can deal really high damage. He can also use the healing station to keep his teammates alive. Both Star Powers are great options, placing the Healing Station next to the Vault, the second Star Power, Mother's Love. use, it may damage Mini and Melee robots, and First Star Power Mother Embraceı is a good healing option that can help absorb damage from large bots.
    • Brawl Stars Robot Invasion is the best character Pam. Pam has higher health so she can fight bots longer during the match. He heals allies with his super so that a more effective fighting pattern can be established against robots.
  • Jessie: Since Jessie's shots can hit up to 3 targets, can triple the damage output by hitting grouped robots. Being able to place Jessie's Super near the safe gives a huge advantage. This way, enemies can be eliminated faster or Energy! star power He may decide to attack Scrappy instead of healing him with it. Jessie's Star power Shok, causing the turret to use Shocky to hit multiple enemies with each attack, tripling his damage output.
  • Colt ve Rico: They both take very high damage from their main attack and Super, allowing them to easily defeat bots and inflict massive damage to the large bot. Colt has made his own melee robots and to more easily deal with the big robot. To the Quick Recharge accessory and many indoor Robot invasion maps, Rico's Multiball Multi Ball Accessory ve First Star Power Super Jump  prefers or Rico on maps with walls Second Star Force Mechanical Escape can use. not very common to dodge enemy attacks much easier.
  • Rose: When Rosa activates Super, she can easily take hits for the team or the house. In addition, quite There is a wide-area attack that reloads fast. With the right positioning, Rosa's Super can be constantly charged and can take full advantage of her healing abilities while her shield is active.
  • Frank: Frank's benefit is due to his Super and this high health in this game mode. Frank's Super ayrıca breaks down walls and should be used carefully in the late game where it is needed most. Due to the extremely fast reload rate, Frank doesn't have to worry about ammo consumption. While their teammates take down the snipers, they serve to counter melee and mini-bots that are hard to beat in the final stages of the game. Ideally, Frank, Star Power :Power Thief He must focus on striking clusters of robots at once until he destroys them with his help.

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How to Win a Robot Invasion?

Brawl Stars Robot Invasion Tactics

  • Do not leave your team. Try to stay close to the safe and destroy as many robots as you can. Only a few players can use bait strategies, and those who have to rely on Star Powers/Accessories can reduce the damage done to bots by a third.
  • The respawn time is 5 seconds instead of the usual 8, so survival is important. It is worth 8 seconds in terms of damage. In case you die, use your invincibility shield to protect your teammates and the safe when you respawn.
  • Build a perimeter around the vault with your teammates guarding each entry point. Failure to do so will cause some shells to hit the chassis before it can react.
  • Try to get everyone to get their Super early in the game, as weak bots make this easy.
  • Place Turrets right next to the safe, they can protect the safe from robot bullets and melee damage in an emergency. If a teammate neglects one side of the safe, put the turret on that side. If you have multiple team members with turrets, place the turrets on different sides of the chassis to maximize protection.
  • Fight large robots far enough not to damage the safe or the nearest walls, but fight close enough to the safe that you can quickly return after defeating the big robots to protect them from the next wave of robots.
  • Use the least number of shots needed to defeat a robot. If you waste too many shots, you won't be able to get this attack ready when more robots arrive (this is especially important towards the end of the game). Take into account the damage your teammates usually do when finishing bots.
  • Before the game starts, you can calculate how many shots you need to take out a single robot based on its type / color. Use this to recover ammo.
  • If you have something that does passive damage to enemies (Jessietower or Mileage's attacking shadow), you can let it finish off a weakened robot to recover a shot.
  • Fighters that can knock down walls (for example, Shelly, Bull or a Brock) can be a disadvantage in this mode as this leaves the vault more vulnerable to damage from bots.


Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Robot Invasion Map


Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide
Robot Invasion Brawl Stars Guide


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