Shelly Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Shelly Character

In this writing Shelly Brawl Stars Features  If you're new, you've definitely heard that Shelly is the best in the early game. One of the most popular characters in the game. Shelly'S star powers, accessories and costumesWe will give information about i.

How to play Shelly, What are the tips we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Shelly character...

Shelly Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
shelly official brawl stars

Shelly Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

5040soulful Shelly, a game unlocked when starting the game common character.

Shellyshoots with a Shotgun. The warrior's super feature is the Super Flare.

He has medium health and damage. The shotgun deals more damage the closer it gets to its target, making it perfect for short to medium range combat. Their attacks are also widespread. His super ability can clear several obstacles and also repel enemies.

First Star Power Cartridge Shock, Causes Super to momentarily slow enemies.

Second Star Power Plasterpartially heals Shelly when her health drops below 40%.

Attack: Hunting rifle ;

Shelly's grenade stick spreads a large pellet at a medium range. The more pellets it hits, the greater the damage.
Shelly fires a medium-damaging projectile blast. The attack is more effective at close range as more bullets will hit the enemy, but the range of his attack is quite long. This allows Shelly to excel in melee combat, especially against Brawlers with lower health and/or short range attacks.

Super: Super Cartridge ;

Shelly's Super Flare destroys both cover and enemies. Survivors are knocked back.
Shelly's Super fires a highly damaging burst of shells that can not only destroy obstacles but also knock back the enemy. Super Cartridgecan be used defensively to distract or distract enemies from Shelly and her teammate. Alternatively, you can use it to sweep bushes and destroy obstacles to reveal enemies.

Brawl Stars Shelly Costumes

  • Bandita Shelley
  • Star Shelly (For accounts before 2019)
  • Shelly the Witch (Halloween costume)
  • PSG Shelley
  • Pure Gold Shelly
  • Pure Silver Shelly
Shelly Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Shelly Costumes

Shelly Features

Health 5040
Damage per bullet 420 (5)
SUPER: Damage per bullet 448 (9)
super length 150 ms
Reload speed (ms) 1500
Attack speed (ms) 500
speeding Normal
attack range 7.67


level hit points Damage Super Damage
1 3600 1500 2880
2 3780 1575 3024
3 3960 1650 3168
4 4140 1725 3312
5 4320 1800 3456
6 4500 1875 3600
7 4680 1950 3744
8 4860 2025 3888
9-10 5040 2100 4032
Health ;
Level Health
1 3800
2 3990
3 4180
4 4370
5 4560
6 4750
7 4940
8 5130
9 – 10 5320

Shelly Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Cartridge Shock ;

Shelly's Super shells slow enemies for 4,0 seconds.

Enemies hit by Shelly's Super Missile are significantly slowed for 4 seconds. This allows Shelly and her teammates to quickly catch up with enemies.

warrior's 2. star power : Plaster ;

When Shelly drops below 40%, she instantly heals for 1800 health.

Shelly gains a bar similar to Bibi's Home Run bar that takes 15 seconds to fully charge. If Shelly drops below 40%, she instantly heals for 1800 health and the yellow bar is reset. However, if Shelly's health is over 40% and she is defeated in one hit by a high-damage enemy like the Bull, her Star Power will not activate and she will have to wait another 15 seconds to get the Band-Aid after she respawns.

shelly brawl stars
shelly brawl stars

Shelly Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Step Accelerator ;

Shelly jumps out and skips a few unnecessary steps!

Shelly takes 3 steps in the direction she is looking while using this accessory. This makes the Super much easier to use and save for a crucial moment. Be careful when using near walls and rivers. Charging against a wall or river cuts the line short.

warrior's 2. accessory : Target board ;

When activated, Shelly's next main attack focuses fire in a smaller area and increases range.

Shelly's next main attack spread will be reduced by a third and its range will be increased to 10 squares. Shelly will have an accessory symbol above her head indicating the use of this accessory, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This accessory's cooldown begins after this attack is hit.

brawl stars shelly image
brawl stars shelly image

Shelly Tips

  1. Shelley, great on maps with lots of bushes and walls. Be careful when using the Super, however, as this can be deadly to teammates if they need cover.
  2. The spread of Shelly's attacks allows her to sweep through bushes and reveal enemies hiding within.
  3. Shelley, The cousin and other perfect for close range players. Shelley, The cousinand if things heat up, she can knock him back with his Super.
  4. Shelley, War Ballmoderately good. It can break down the walls that block the enemy's goal and make it easier for your team to score goals.
  5. Shelly's Target Board accessoryCan be used directly after using Super at mid range. While the enemy is knocking back, Shelly can shoot all the shells with her accessory for maximum value.
  6. Shelly's Super has the ability to block the other player's Super because it pushes them back. For example, while constructing FrankIf he hits 'e' with his Super, he can prevent Frank from using his Super.
  7. Flare Shock star power Using it, he can slow down enemies trying to escape, allowing himself and/or his teammates to capture and eliminate them.
  8. Double ShowdownAlso, Shelly and Mileage team and Shelly and Gene There are many useful combinations of teams, such as If Tara uses her Super to drag enemies towards her, Shelly (along with her Super) can move towards disabled enemies and use her Super. As for Gene and Shelly, if Gene pulls the enemy towards Shelly, Shelly can use her Super to defeat the enemy.
  9. Some people's in Shelly War BallA tactic he uses in his game, he immediately uses his Super to break through any obstacles that might prevent the ball from entering the goal, and confuses the defending enemy.
  10. If Shelly has low health and is being chased by an enemy, she can use her Super to repel the enemy and gain some more time to flee.

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