Big Game Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Big Game?

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Purpose of Big Game Mode

  • Health:The Great Warrior Has 9 times more health and this depends on the selected player's health and an additional bonus of 56.000 health.
  • rehabilitation: Supers, Star Powers, etc. Incoming healing effectiveness is reduced by 90%. Healing abilities that heal based on maximum health use the Great Warrior's maximum health.
  • Movement Speed: The Great Warrior moves 180 points faster. speed increase, Max'in Super or Bibi's Home Run star power stacks with speed-boosting abilities such as
  • Attack: Attack damage is linearly increased by 50%. Damage increase, 8-BIT's Super or Frank'of Power Thief star power Stacks with damage-boosting abilities such as
  • Super: Great Warriors' attacks and Supers are 33% less effective at charging Supers. This, Darryl's Super or Boof Super Totem Accessory Does not affect Supercharge abilities.
  • Reload: The Great Warrior reloads twice as fast. This does not affect Carl's main attack speed. Refill support, Bull'a Berserker star power or a MortisStacks with other reload boost abilities, such as 's Survival Shovel Gadget.
  • Pets: Supers pets/towers have a 20% increase in health and attack damage.
  • Stun Protection: The Great Warrior can only be stunned for 0,5 seconds.

In the Big Game Which are the Best Characters?

big game best characters

  • Jessie, Penny, Nita ve Mr. P: These players are useful because Supers spawn either a tower or a minion. Their damage and health have been greatly increased and can be useful for eliminating or distracting your opponents so you take as little damage as possible. All basic attacks can hit multiple players at the same time, which means useful to the crowd.

-Nita It can attack multiple targets at the same time. If he's in bad shape, his bear can tank for him.

-Jessie As the great warrior, he can use the plasma blast to find different targets. With his turret, he can get tanks for him and attack or flee with free will.

-Penny, can use the money bag to hit an opponent, then the other if the bag touches. He will also find out where his opponents are if their ball is healing and they are standing still.

-Mr.P, He can use his turret to keep producing robot carriers to distract players(hunters). His main attack can also bounce off walls to damage them.

  • Shelly: If Shelly gets close enough with the boss and charges her Super, she can constantly chain her Super quickly; Its melee damage is high enough to take down the boss as long as it's supported by other teammates. Shelly's Flare Shock star power  can slow the boss so his teammates can do more damage.
  • Gale: As the Big Brawler, Gale's trampoline accessory can provide a convenient escape route from hordes of attackers. His wide main attack can allow him to hit multiple incoming attackers, and his Super,Stun Blast star power Combined with it, it can stun and drive attackers away, allowing it to put some distance between them.
  • Spike: Spike's high damage makes him a consistent damage dealer, he can also use his Super to slow the boss, giving the team an advantage to attack the big fighter.
  • bibi: Bibi's Scoring (Home Run) ability, The cousin ve Pink It can repel annoying players such as His attack also has a wide range, allowing him to hit all players (hunters) simultaneously if within range. Scoring (Home Run )Star Power, He can greatly increase his movement speed, allowing him to pick pesky ranged brawlers, and can bounce his Super back, hitting all brawlers multiple times. Its recoil can also be good for returning the Great Warrior into position for ranged players to attack.
  • Leon: Leon's Super Smoke bomb , useful in letting it escape undetected in a way that confuses hunters. As the Great Warrior, Leon's Accessory of Clone Reflector you can use it to let them spend their time on your clone. His signature ability also allows him to sneak into the Great Warrior if he becomes a Magical Warrior Hunter. Leon also deals close-consistent damage, meaning he can deal sustained damage to short-range players like Shelly.
  • Crow: crow can chain Supers in the Great Warrior. This way it can do a lot of damage. Crow's Extra Toxic Star Power, can help by making the boss deal less damage, so allies can deal more consistent damage. Second star power Scavenger Crow can actually do a lot of damage to the boss, which makes him a huge threat. As a Great Warrior, he can survive longer this way.
  • Bull: If a player wielding it is a Big Brawler, he will deal mercilessly high damage to anyone close to him and easily recharge his Super. If multiple people gang up against him, his Super tosses them aside, allowing him to escape. Both Star Powers are suitable to play as both the Big Brawler and the Boss Hunter, increasing his damage output or lowering the damage he takes, allowing him to attack/survive longer.
  • Pink: If Rosa is a hunter, she can easily tank the Great Warrior and distract her with her Super, which can waste her ammo and possibly inflict too much damage on the Great Warrior. Accessory Growing Lightcan cause other teammates to be ambushed as well. The wide attack spread makes Rosa useful for hitting multiple enemies. First Star Power Medicinal Herbar, since it will not work due to the reduction of self-healing, Barbed Glove Star Power It is recommended to use for more value.


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Brawl Stars Big Game maps

  • Attack from all sides to take down the Great Warrior. It is more difficult for the big warrior to hit all the hunters.
  • If the Great Warrior is a single-target attacker, try to attack them all at once. If you send out one fighter at a time, the Great Warrior can more easily choose individual fighter and survive longer. Try to attack en masse!
  • If the Great Warrior is hiding behind a wall, destroy the wall with your Super if possible.
  • You cannot dodge or dodge enemy attacks as the Great Warrior tries not to get stuck in a corner.
  • Avoid using self-healing abilities; Because spawning as a Great Warrior provides less value due to the player's increased health and self-healing reduction.


Big Game Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

Big Game Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

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