Jessie Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

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In this writing Jessie Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examine,Whether it is to attack, distract or defend, which has excellent utility Jessie moderate health and damage owner,Jessie'S star powers, accessories and Jessie costumes We will provide information about

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Jessie Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
brawl stars jessie

Jessie Character Traits and Costumes

4480 Jessie's Shockgun fires energy orbs that bounce between enemies. He uses a super cute yet deadly gun turret!

Jessie, a Trophy Path reward unlocked when you reach 500 Trophies Common Character. Super, dog-like with medium health and damage Scrappy builds a tower. Whether attacking, distracting or defending, it has excellent utility.

Jessie herself moderate health and damage has. Medium range attacks have high damage potential because when it hits an enemy, it can bounce off and hit other nearby enemies.

First accessory Spark plug , creates a shockwave around your turret that slows enemies.

Second accessory, Spring Barrel Doubles Scrappy's attack speed for 5 seconds.

First Star Power to energize , grants 896 health healing by hitting his tower.

second Star Power Shock allows his turret to fire mini energy orbs that can ricochet up to two targets.

Attack: Shock Rifle ; Jessie launches an energy orb. After hitting a target, the orb bounces off the next target in range, hitting up to three enemies.

Super: Quarrelsome! ; Jessie uses a gun turret that automatically fires at enemies. Made from 100% recycled materials.

Jessie Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Jessie Super Scrappy

Brawl Stars Jessie Costumes

Cute and dangerous fighter Jessie Brawl Stars has different costumes in the game. The actor playing Jessie can pay the required fee and get the costume. Jessie Brawl Stars is a character with 5 different costumes. These costumes and their costs are as follows:

  • Red Dragon Jessie: Free
  • Summer House Jessie: 80 Stars
  • Knight Jessie: 150 Stars
  • Tanuki Jessie: 150 Stars
  • The Dark Knight Jessie: 10000 Stars
Jessie Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Jessie Costumes

Jessie Features

Health 4480
Damage 1176
SUPER: Turret Damage 336
Reload speed (ms) 1800
Attack speed (ms) 500
speeding Normal
attack range 9


level hit points Damage Super Damage Scrappy Hitpoints Scrappy Damage
1 3200 840 240 3000 260
2 3360 882 252 3150 273
3 3520 924 264 3300 286
4 3680 966 276 3450 299
5 3840 1008 288 3600 312
6 4000 1050 300 3750 325
7 4160 1092 312 3900 338
8 4320 1134 324 4050 351
9-10 4480 1176 336 4200 364
Health :
Level Health
1 3200
2 3360
3 3520
4 3680
5 3840
6 4000
7 4160
8 4320
9 – 10 4480

Jessie Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Tamir ; to energize
Jessie can zap her attack and repair her gun turret for 896 of her missing health.

Jessie's Star Power causes her to basic attack her turret to heal for 896 health. Even if the tower is still at full health, the attack will normally bounce towards the nearest enemy.

warrior's 2. star power : Shock Shot ; Shock
Scrappy the Turret now throws energy orbs that bounce between enemies. The spacing of the spheres after a jump is 51% of the normal range.

This causes Jessie's turret to fire energy orbs that can hit multiple enemies. Turret's attack speed, range, and damage remain the same. Projectiles' range and travel time are reduced after hitting an enemy.

Jessie Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Spark plug ;

Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing all enemies in the area of ​​effect.

Using this accessory, Jessie's turret triggers a shockwave, slowing enemies in the area of ​​effect. The slow duration lasts 4 seconds. The accessory can only be used when there is a Super active tower on the map within 12 tiles of Jessie's location.

Warrior's 2st accessory:Spring Barrel ;

Scrappy's attack speed is doubled for 5.0 seconds.

These projectiles shield their stats from Star Powers and can charge Jessie's Super when hitting enemies. If Jessie is defeated, the turret's reload rate will return to normal. The accessory can only be used within 12 tiles of Jessie's location.

jessie brawl stars picture
jessie brawl stars picture

Jessie Tips

  • After hitting a target, Jessie's attack will always bounce towards the nearest enemy that has not yet been hit. This can be used to pinpoint enemy positions, even if they're out of range or in bushes.
  • Jessie's tower can deal significant damage if ignored. which is an excellent way to distract enemies if they try to destroy it.
  • Jessie's tower deals small but noticeable damage that increases rapidly. Unfortunately, it can be easily avoided by going perpendicularly along the direction of attack. Effectively prevent enemies from escaping by placing the turret where it can cover a linear area.
  • In a bush, Jessie's tower, unless they are also in and right next to the bushes will be invisible to enemies. However, just like a player, the tower will become visible when attacking or taking damage.
  • Jessie, Can charge Super very fast. 6 hits (or 3 perfect shots that jump and hit 2 enemies) is enough to recharge his Super without any pre-existing charges.
  • Turret placementis one of Jessie's most important skills. When facing the short-range player, place them in the open area so that they are forced to take an attack from him while you try to destroy him. When facing the long-range player, place him near their wall, but next to his team's wall, so they have to walk around the wall to attack him and take damage. When facing shooters, throw them over the wall they're hiding behind to do some damage to them, forcing them to use their turret counterattack.
  • Jessie's Spark Plug Device is incredibly useful for taking down enemies. It can hit enemies within a radius around the tower through walls. After the enemies are slowed, Jessie can easily attack the enemy and the tower can hit all the shots while the enemy is slowed down.
  • Jessie's Spring Barrel accessory is perfect for taking out fixed targets only, even though it's capable of providing a lot of value. Forces enemies to take damage while trying to defend Shock Must be combined with Star Power.
  • Mortis ve Frank, especially struggles to destroy Jessie's towers due to the mechanics of her attacks, and can take a lot of damage in the process. Mortis, can't hit the turret unless it touches it, and the turret's flash fires before launching each attack. Frank Can deal significant damage while stalling. Accordingly, when placing the turret, especially on the enemy team Frank or a MortisIt might be helpful to target . Jessie's Tamir he can heal the turret using his star power and hit Mortis / Frank if they decide to attack the turret.
  • RobberyJesse's tower can also be placed in front of their safe to help defend against enemies by protecting the safe and dealing damage. It can also be used as an offensive against enemy coffers.
    repair star power, it will help the tower survive longer and will deflect Jessie's attacks, expanding its range. Shocky will allow Jessie's turret's attacks to bounce off and potentially hit more enemies.
  • Jessie's TamirWhile using the lair, place your turret near a key narrow spot on the map and keep firing at the turret to heal it when enemies are near. This constantly heals the turret while dealing damage, and its regular attacks can also damage enemies.

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