Is There Last Epoch Controller Support?

One of the shining stars of the action RPG genre in recent years is undoubtedly Last Epoch. The developers, Eleventh Hour Games, promise an enjoyable gameplay experience by satisfying the longing for the deep mechanics of the genre and offering the innovations we expect from modern players. So, can we play Last Epoch in a way other than keyboard and mouse?

Partial Controller Support Available

Last Epoch has partial controller support, as you can see on the game's Steam page. This means that you can play the game with your controller, but the gaming experience is not fully optimized for a controller. In other words, you may encounter some restrictions.

So what might these restrictions be?

  • Menu Navigation: Last Epoch's interface, menus and inventory management are designed for use with keyboard and mouse. As such, it can feel a bit cumbersome when using a controller, especially in character development and item management.
  • Targeting Precision Skills: Some of the game's skills require precise targeting. Aiming precisely with a controller can be more challenging than with a mouse.
  • Not All Controllers Supported: Last Epoch does not automatically support all types of controllers. Some controllers may require extra configuration or third-party software.

Still Worth Trying

Don't let partial support intimidate you! Many gamers say that they use Xbox, PlayStation and other popular controllers effectively with Last Epoch. If you want to try an alternative method other than keyboard and mouse, connecting your controller might be a good idea. Who knows, maybe the comfort you are looking for is right here.

Tips to Improve Your Last Epoch and Controller Experience

  • Choose a suitable controller: There are many positive comments that Xbox controllers are a good match with Last Epoch.
  • Customize your keybindings: You can change your controller's key assignments through in-game options. Find the layout that is most intuitive for you.
  • Be patient: It's normal that you don't get used to it right away. Keep trying, practicing and tweaking a bit.


While Last Epoch offers a tremendous action RPG experience for those who like to use keyboard and mouse, those who prefer a controller can also have a pleasant time thanks to partial support. Since the game is still in active development, we may see full controller support in the future. It never hurts to try!