Last Epoch: Which Faction Should You Choose?

Last Epoch is a versatile game that offers a captivating action RPG experience. With the freedom it offers in character creation and its deep itemization system, Last Epoch keeps players immersed for hours. After completing the story of the game, you will encounter two important factions: Merchant's Guild and Circle of Fortune. So how do you know which of these factions suits your playstyle better?

Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild, as the name suggests, is a faction that prioritizes trade and interaction with other players. When you join this faction, you gain access to a marketplace where you can trade items with other players. Additionally, as you increase your level in the Guild, you will have the opportunity to buy and sell rarer items.

If you enjoy interacting with other players, finding and selling items, and creating your own market, the Merchant Guild will be the right choice for you.

Circle of Destiny

Circle of Destiny is a favorite among loot-hungry players. By joining this faction, you significantly increase your chances of finding items, and you also gain access to special systems that allow you to find “Exalted” and “Set” class items more easily. Since these systems are customizable, it becomes easier to find the exact parts you are looking for.

If you enjoy collecting items quickly, equipping your character with the best items possible, and constantly advancing your character, Circle of Destiny is ideal for you.

Which Faction to Choose?

Both factions offer unique advantages. Therefore, there is no “best faction” – the best faction is the one that suits your play style.

  • If being an avid trader, interacting with other players and getting rich excites you, the Merchant Guild is for you.

  • If you want to constantly get more loot, equip your character with the best equipment, and progress to the end of the game alone (or with friends), Circle of Destiny should be your choice.

In Last Epoch, your choice of faction is a game-changing decision. However, the important thing in this choice, which has no right or wrong, is the enjoyment you will get from the game.

Hint: Note that you will not be able to switch between both factions in the future; So think carefully before choosing!