Last Epoch: How Long Can I Finish the Main Game?

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game notable for its captivating time travel theme and deep customization options. Its story and mission structure draw players into the world of Eterra, while its impressive skill configurations guarantee hours of gaming experience.

So, how long can you finish the main game of Last Epoch? In this article, we will consider how long it takes to complete the story, taking into account different play styles.

How Long Does It Take for an Average Player to Finish?

Finishing Last Epoch's main story is for the average player 15 to 20 hours takes. This time focuses mainly on completing quests in the main story and ignores side activities. Of course, your playing speed and experience will affect this time.

If Side Quests Are Included

Last Epoch has lots of side quests and optional content. If you want to add these side contents to your game time, you should consider completing these missions in addition to the story flow. If you engage in side quests in addition to the story, your game time 30 to 35 hours can reach up to .

If you are a Complementary Player…

Last Epoch also offers a gaming experience based on achievements. If you want to earn all the achievements and discover all the intricacies of the game, we can say that you will spend many hours in Last Epoch. Projected maximum playing time 65 to 70 hours is between, but if you are a hardcore gamer, you can exceed this period.

Game Difficulty and Your Experience Affect Time

Last Epoch's difficulty level and your previous experience with this type of games will determine how long it takes to complete the story. As you increase the difficulty level, challenges may become longer. If you are unfamiliar with action role-playing games, it may take time to get used to the mechanics, which will increase the duration. Conversely, if you are an experienced player in this genre, the speed at which you progress through the game will increase.

In short

Last Epoch is a flexible action role-playing game that can be set to various difficulty levels and is suitable for different play styles. You can finish the main story in approximately 15-20 hours, and including side missions in 30-35 hours. You will need to spend dozens of hours to earn all the achievements and enjoy the discovery to the fullest.

Final Note: Last Epoch is still in active development. These times may change in the future as new content is added with regular updates.

Additional Information:

  • Game Modes: Last Epoch has three difficulty modes: normal, hard and heroic. Increasing the difficulty level allows you to gain more experience points and better loot, but it also makes the enemies more difficult.
  • Player Classes: Last Epoch features six different player classes, each with different abilities and playstyles. The class you choose can also affect your playtime.
  • Game Speed: You can also adjust the playing speed of the game. You can increase the speed for a faster gaming experience or reduce the speed for a more tactical game.

I hope this information helped you understand how long it takes to finish the main game of Last Epoch.