PUBG Mobile Winning Guide: Tactics That Leave Rivals Behind

PUBG Mobileis an exciting battle royale game that tests tactical intelligence and quick reflexes. Being a winner doesn't just depend on your skill in conflicts; Smart moves and reading the game well are the keys to victory. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into high-level tactics to outshine your opponents in the PUBG Mobile arena.

Basics: First Steps to Victory

  • Get to Know the Map: Each of the different maps in PUBG Mobile has its own unique features. Learning places suitable for hiding, vehicle spawn points, and areas where loot is concentrated provides a tremendous advantage.
  • Weapon Specialization: Understanding each weapon's characteristics, ideal range, and recoil is critical. Make your weapon choices according to your preferences and the map.
  • Master the Controls: Being quick and fluent in movement, aiming and shooting controls can change the course of the battle. Strengthen your reflexes with regular training.

Early Game Strategies

  • Landing Point Selection: Unlike the plane route, jump into areas that have loot opportunities but are not crowded. In this way, you can reduce the risk of entering into conflict early and access quality equipment.
  • Be Careful When Looting: While it may be tempting to open every door and enter every room, avoid collecting loot without keeping an eye on your surroundings. Sneaky enemies may be waiting in ambush.
  • Pay Attention to the Blue Area: In the early stages, the blue zone doesn't take much health. It can even be used to keep rivals away. However, as the game progresses, constantly control the movements of the blue area to avoid difficulty in reaching the safe area.

Mid Game Dynamics

  • The Art of Positioning: High places, inside houses, behind rocks or trees are ideal ambush spots. Strategize whether to wait for your enemies or catch them by surprise.
  • Tips for Vehicle Use: While vehicles are great for quick relocation, they give away your location with their excessive noise. Leave vehicles unless necessary, especially in tight end areas.
  • Listen to the Sounds: Footsteps, vehicle sounds, gunshots... Your ears are valuable in PUBG Mobile. Identify the enemy's location and position accordingly or set a trap.

Surviving the Last Circle

  • Hide in the Bushes: One of the most effective tactics in the final phase is to hide in the bushes. If you choose the right spot and remain motionless, enemies will hardly notice you.
  • Be Constantly in Motion: Taking cover in the same spot makes you an easy target. By constantly changing places, you will make more observations and make it harder for you to be a target.
  • Use Bombs Strategically: Smoke grenades are great for shifting as they restrict vision, while grenades reveal hiding enemies.

Tips You Need to Master

  • Peek & Fire: The technique of leaving cover instantly and firing reduces your damage. Enable this from the settings and practice.
  • Jump&Shot: Shooting while jumping makes it harder to aim. It is especially effective in close combat.
  • Don't Forget Supply Drops: The supplies that come with the flare gun are known for containing high-level equipment. However, it is extremely eye-catching, so be prepared.

Conclusion: Practice is the Key to Perfection

In PUBG Mobile, the search for the best PUBG tactics is a natural part of the players' development process. Even the best tactics can be ineffective without regular practice and adaptation to the game. Play a lot, try different PUBG game winning strategies, learn from your mistakes!

I hope this guide was useful in your journey on how to win PUBG mobile. May victorious games be with you!