Bull Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars Bull

In this writing Bull Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we'll check it out, Brawl Stars' bully Bull Shoots with a double. Bull is both high health and high damage at the right distance.

Unrivaled at close range Bull'a star powers, Bull accessories and Bull costumes We will provide information about

Also The Turkish how to play bull, Tips What are we going to talk about.

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Bull Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
brawl stars bull

Bull Character Traits and Costumes

6860 soulful Bull does massive damage up close with his shotgun. For his super move, he knocks back enemies by overcoming obstacles! His high health increases his stamina among his opponents. He gives them an opportunity to get close, and when he gets close to his opponent, he inflicts high damage..super ability, Allows him to charge forward, dealing damage to enemies and destroying obstacles in his path.

Bull, a Trophy Path reward unlocked when you reach 250 Trophies common character. Shelly Like using a shotgun. bull, has a high amount of health and excels in short range combat. These traits make it great at ambushing and crushing enemies.

Attack: Double Barrel ;

Bull's double-barreled shotgun deals heavy damage. Its range is very short, so the Bull likes to be up close and personal.

Bull detonates 5 shells that do very little damage on their own; however, if all of Bull's shells hit a single target, they can deal a huge amount of damage. Bull's attack range is much shorter than Shelly's, but Bull's bullets do much more damage. The attack is more effective at close range as more bullets are likely to hit the enemy.

Super: Bulldozer ;

Bull bows his head and dodges opponents and obstacles. He has always been stubborn!

Bull charges his Super a long distance in a straight line in the direction he's aiming for. Destroys and knocks back any obstacles it comes in contact with, dealing damage to enemies hit. Note that the Bull can still be hit by enemies while using the Bulldozer. If the final destination is in the middle of a lake, the charging distance is increased to the nearest piece of land. Knockback effects don't stop his Sign, but stuns

Class : Heavyweight

Brawl Stars Bull Costumes

Space Ox Bull Brawl Stars

Bull Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Bull Costumes

Bull Features

Health 6860
Damage per bullet 560 (5)
SUPER: Damage 1120
Reload speed (ms) 1600
Attack speed (ms) 500
speeding Fast
attack range 5.33


Level hit points Damage Super Damage
1 4900 2000 800
2 5145 2100 840
3 5390 2200 880
4 5635 2300 920
5 5880 2400 960
6 6125 2500 1000
7 6370 2600 1040
8 6615 2700 1080
9-10 6860 2800 1120
Health :
Level Health
1 5000
2 5250
3 5500
4 5750
5 6000
6 6250
7 6500
8 6750
9 – 10 7000

Bull Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Berserker ;

Reload speed doubles when Bull drops below 60% health,

If the bull's health is less than 60% of its maximum, redIt returns to either, and its ammo will begin reloading at twice the normal rate. The effect is lost if the Bull reaches 60% of his health.

warrior's 2. star power : bully ; 

When the Bull falls below 40%, he gains a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30%.

If the bull's health is less than 40% of its maximum, Rose ve DarrylGains a shield that looks the same as 's and takes 30% less all damage, including poison. The effect is lost if the Bull reaches over 40% health.

Bull Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Grilled Steak ;

Bull instantly regenerates for 1500 health.

When the Bullun accessory is used, it instantly heals for 1500 health. But the effect also stops the natural healing process. This accessory cannot be used while the Bull is at full health.

warrior's 2. accessory : Ground Shaker ;

Bull can interrupt his Supercharge and hit a large ground for 1,5 seconds, slowing all nearby enemies.

Bull can choose to instantly stop his Super dash with a hit that also slows enemies caught within 4 tiles for 1,5 seconds. This is only available when using Super and cancels Super upon use.

Bull Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
bull brawl stars image

Bull Tips

  1. Bull can deal a lot of damage when it can get very close to its target.
  2. Bull has high health, but be careful: The Bull's need to be close to his enemies can cause him to come under heavy fire. Therefore, try to dodge enemy attacks. The Bull has a higher movement speed than most brawlers, so he can rush through enemies and dodge their attacks more easily. One downside to this is the large hitbox, so the Bull is a bit easier to hit.
  3. Bull's Super allows him to charge a very long distance in any direction, destroying any walls in his path. Since Bull can inflict the most damage while close to his target, this ability can turn the Bull into an enemy.
  4. It can be useful for getting enemies close enough to defeat them.
    His Super can also come in handy when the Bull's Super needs to evade hostile Enemies due to his far distance. However, since he can still be hit during his run, other nearby enemies can easily defeat him at low health.
  5. Bull, War BallIt is also effective with its high health and attack that destroys obstacles. He can assist his teammates in scoring goals by easily clearing openings on the playing field.
  6. Bull, RobberyIt can also be very useful, running on water and breaking walls in front of the safe. The opening it opens by breaking through the walls in its path can also be used by teammates to attack the safe.
  7. Bull's Berserker star powerdoubles the damage output, making it the highest value in the game for any player. bull, Boss War ve Robot InvasionHe can use this power to dominate the bots within him. If your health is pretty low when approaching the vault, do this Robberyyou can also use. Big GameEven though he's the biggest player in ., that doesn't change much of the Bull's reload speed, since being a Boss already increases your reload speed tremendously.
  8. Try not to abuse the Bull's ability to tank and take damage when not needed, because you can eventually let enemies recharge their Supers, so reveal yourself only when appropriate.
  9. Bull's Super charge is when you start from a bush and especially when your partner is there to get the job done quickly. ReckoningIt's also great for surprising the enemy.
  10. On the Bounty HuntTry not to use your Bull's Super to rush, unless it's a desperate move. This will only grant opposing constellations and recharge their Supers. Instead, try to use your Super to dodge any time you might be overwhelmed by attacks.
  11. While Bull's Super can be good for attacking or ambushing other players, it can also be used as an escape. Because Bull's charge is much faster than normal walking players, his Super can be used in the opposite direction if his health is low at any given time.
  12. Reckoningto attack or flee Bull's Super, beware of poison or any natural hazards (i.e. water) in the arena because it can run too far from the clouds or trap itself in a spot causing it to be ejected. Floor Shaker accessorycan save you from being poisoned and give enemies a slowdown so they can't escape.
  13. To take the enemies by surprise Floor Shaker accessory use it. Bull's rapid burst damage will allow him to shoot before an enemy can react. In some cases Floor Shaker accessoryMay be necessary to cancel Supers countered by enemies.

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