Tick ​​Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars Tick

In this writing Tick ​​Brawl Stars Features and Skins iwe will examine,2200 soulful Tick It is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy – explosive energy! Throws a mine and decapitates his Super, finds a target and explodes.in our content Tick We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

Tick ​​Nprincipal to playTips What are We will talk about our content.

Here is all the details Tick character…

Brawl Stars Tick character
Brawl Stars Tick character

Tick ​​Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

When Tick reaches 4000 Trophies, it is an unlocked Trophy Path reward. Common Character . Low health but high damage potential and attacks by launching three time bombs that explode after a delay or when a target is within the blast radius.

The Super throws its head in pursuit of the nearest target, dealing splash damage and destroying the visor on impact.

accessory Spare Mine, allowing him to take the lead and leave a single mine behind.

First Star Power Well Oiled, allowing it to naturally heal faster than normal.

Second Star Power, Auto-Tick FillIncreases the reload speed of his main attack.

Class: Shooter

Attack: minimines ;

Mark a mineral cluster that leaves before landing. Mines explode on contact with a target or after a few seconds.”

When Tick attacks, it launches a large projectile over walls and splits into three mines spread over a large area. If a target is too close to a mine, it will explode, dealing moderate damage. Otherwise it will explode after 2 seconds.

Mines take a while before they land, and the reload speed is incredibly slow; however, the damage done by all three mines together is enormous.

Super: bombhead;

Tick ​​snaps off and throws his head. After landing, the head jumps to the nearest target and explodes on contact!”

When he uses his Tick Super, he rips his head off and throws it over walls. After a small delay, the head finds and chases the nearest enemy like a guided missile. Upon reaching its target, it explodes, breaking through nearby walls and bushes, dealing devastating damage.

However, if destroyed before reaching the target, it will explode prematurely but can still destroy walls and bushes.

Tick ​​Super
Tick ​​Super


Brawl Stars Tick Costumes

  • King Crab Tick
  • Snowman Tick(Christmas costume)
  • Pure Gold Tick(Pure gold costume) (Christmas costume)
  • Pure Silver Tick(Pure silver costume) (Christmas costume)
Brawl Stars Tick Costumes
Tick ​​Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Tick ​​Features

Infrequency Common
Class Shooter
Movement speed 720 (Normal)
Gadget charges 3

Health ;

Level Health
1 2200
2 2310
3 2420
4 2530
5 2640
6 2750
7 2860
8 2970
9 – 10 3080

Tick ​​Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Well Oiled ;

When Tick takes no damage and doesn't attack, he heals 2,0 seconds faster than normal.

Normally, the player starts regenerating 3 seconds after being hit. However, Tick will start regenerating health 1 second after taking damage or using his attacks.

warrior's 2. star power : Auto-Tick Fill ;

Tick's reload time is 9% shorter.

Tick ​​reloads her main attack a little faster than normal, allowing her to fire more mines and keep enemies out of the area.

Tick ​​Accessory

Warrior's accessory: Spare Mine ;

The tick is thrown quickly, leaving a single mine on the ground.

While falling behind a single mine that acts the same as his main attack, Tick shoots 3 squares in the direction he is facing. He cannot jump over the water and will be interrupted if he hits the wall. Mine deals 700 damage and Tick's Super does not charge.

Tick ​​Tips

  1. Tick ​​has the lowest health of any player in the game. Therefore, stay away from enemy Warriors. It is recommended to hide behind walls, as their attacks can be thrown over walls.
  2. Tick ​​was very good as a control playerr. Instead of trying to harm them, throw their mines where the enemy is going. This forces them back, because if they hit all 3 mines, they take massive damage.
  3. Tick ​​mines thrown directly towards the edge of the map will cause the mines to hit the edge of the map, and the mines will be in a straight line. Leading an enemy near the border of the map and throwing mines at the wall can make the opponent walk in a straight line to the mines.
  4. BoUnlike 's mines, your enemies remember that you can see the mines. Tick's mines remain there until you use Bo's Super again or hit the road. BoUnlike 's, it explodes after two seconds.
  5. Tickin's head can deal splash damage that can also destroy bushes and walls. His head is easily destroyed, so use it to force an attack against unhealthy enemies and prevent them from healing, or against an enemy that uses up all of its ammo.
  6. Tick ​​is vulnerable to large undergrowths that can be found in matches . Bull ve The cousin Fighters like this one can come out of the bushes and easily defeat Tick when he approaches.
  7. an enemy( The cousin , Crow or a Piper Tick's head will explode without doing any damage, so release his head after these enemies have finished their Super.
  8. In game modes that reveal items (for example, Diamond Catch ve Robbery), Tick can be used similarly to Barley to prevent enemies from reaching Gems or Bolts.
  9. Tick ​​can also prevent enemies from obtaining other items by throwing their mines around them.. For example, your enemies Reckoningda Power Cubes, War Ballball and bounty huntIt can prevent him from getting the blue star.
  10. Tick ​​has the lowest health in the entire game,One Reckoning instead In Double Showdown It would be more useful to use He can lure or anger enemies by placing mines around him, and then the other ally (preferably someone with more health and/or damage) can finish off that enemy.
  11. Frank or a Mileage , tick Very effective when paired with (Double Showdown except), because their Super stuns/pulls multiple enemies, allowing Tick to deal maximum damage with his attacks and Super.
  12. The tick has a longer range than other shooters, so it's easier to control the area using the tick.
  13. in reckoning An effective strategy is to use the Tick to trap opponents in the gas, if possible. Keep deploying mines at possible exit points until you die on gas.
  14. If he's being chased, try to throw mines behind him as the auto-attack won't work. For this reason, he must throw his mines where the enemies will step.
  15.  When facing tanks, save your Super to defend against sudden attacks. Hide behind walls and keep your distance as Tick is pretty weak.
  16. Diamond Catchalso and SiegeAlso, Tick is ready to be dispatched at the moment, it is not recommended to hold pickups and lose pickups, as its low health tool.
  17. Tick ​​a Mortis If he's being pressured by them, he'll be able to escape and deal a small amount of damage, or knock them back and deal massive damage. Spare Mine can use the accessory or the Super.

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