Heist Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Heist?

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What is Brawl Stars Heist Game Mode?

  • Protect your team's precious safe while trying to open the enemy team's safe!
  • Whichever team opens the enemy safe first wins.
  • Heist mode is played in teams of 3 on 3 Both teams have a safe on the arena side.
  • Each team has a safe with 50000 health.





Brawl Stars Heist Mode Guide

Purpose of the Heist Game mode

  • Goalis to protect your safe while trying to destroy the opposing safe.
  • If a safe's health is reset, the game automatically goes to the team that destroyed the safe.
  • If no safe is damaged, it will depend on the health of the safe.
  • If one team's safe has lower health than the other, the other team wins the game.
  • If, after the timer runs out, both banks have the same percentage of health, or both banks reset their health at the same time, the game is drawn.

RobberyWhich Characters Are The Best? 

heist best characters

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  • Barley or a Dynamike: Blocking the paths of oncoming enemy Warriors as they can attack over walls, they can be used to control an area of ​​the map or to shoot the safe from afar. Barley's attack and Super can deal sustained damage to the safe, charging the safe with damage, and Dynamike's Handle Bomb accessory  feature can prevent enemies from reaching the safe.
  • Bull or a Darryl: Bull and Darryl have Supers that allow them to travel long distances. Try to use their Supers when they are near full health. Charge or roll at the right time to inflict maximum damage and get as close to the chassis as possible.
  • Colt or a Brock: With their Supers, Colt and Brock can shoot into the vault and deal massive damage. also they can shoot the safe from afar and teammates can get in more easily. Brock also has the ability to stack up damage to the vault over time. Flame Star Power can use. Colt's accessory Silver Bullet Allows him to deal significant damage to the safe in a short time.
  • The cousin: El Primo is not the best for this mod, but Its super feature makes it useful. Use your Super when the opposing team is either together or on the other side of the map. This will do a lot of damage to both the team and the house.
  • Rico: Rico's kicks are reflected off the walls. This skill is required for robbery maps if neither player on either team can break walls. He can also bounce shots with his Super to get the final burst of damage to destroy the safe.
  • Max: A sometimes underestimated heist player, Max is a few hits who can sustain the damage the mod needs to be successful. is one of the support. Max can handle shooters and other players who are often a threat in this mode. Max can save a few seconds using his Supers, increasing the odds in their favor. In addition, second Star Power Nonstop Fire can do even more damage to the vault, because the reload speed will be faster.
  • bibi: Bibi is a frequently used character in the Heist match. However, Bibi can stand up to many enemies and very good at defense, can also control the map in his favor. Shooting Position star power ve Vitamin Booster Accessory  With her moderate health and very fast movement speed aided by her healing, Bibi is able to reliably survive and put pressure on the enemy team, although she is not good for offense. Most of Bibi's damage to the safe will be from her Super, which she can use to repeatedly hit the enemy's safe from afar.
  • sprout:As a shooter, Sprout excels on maps with lots of walls. Additionally, Sprout can deal damage on a consistent basis. With Sprout's Super, they can prevent enemies from attacking their safes or build a wall between them to freely damage enemy safes. Sprout, star power Photosynthesis ve Stalk Shredder accessory With , you can also cover your weaknesses.
  • Nita: On some maps, Nita's Accessory ,Hyper Bear Star Power along with it could allow it to do too much damage to the chassis. When playing Nita, instead of focusing on damaging the safe with her main attack, your super should try to fill it, then should try to get the bear as close to the safe as possible. However, due to its relatively low damage output and therefore lack of defensive ability, this strategy is risky and should mostly be used when you have high damage players on your team.
  • Nani: Nani's  Teleporter Accessory It can be incredibly useful in the match as it can be used to reach the enemy faster so Nani can deal tons of damage to her. Her superpower also deals heavy damage to the vault, especially with her Auto Focus Star Power which allows Nani to deliver the final blow much more easily.
  • Penny: Penny's accessory Captain's Compass, ystar power  Fireballs can be used synergistically to deal tons of damage to the vault with it, he can take out the vault on his own, almost assuming he's undefeated mid-cast.
  • Carl: Carl has health and very high damage from both his main attack and Super, especially Protective Return, Star Power and a Heat Launch Tool to keep it alive long enough to quickly deal a lot of damage to the vault.

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Brawl Stars Heist Maps



How to Win Brawl Stars Heist?

Robbery Tactics

  • Teams must disperse to ensure that the enemy does not sneak around them unnoticed.
  • When teams are on the offensive, they must stay together to ensure they can get into the bank without dying too easily.
  • Using short range attacks Bull or a The cousin When attacking the safe with players like, try to move erratically when attacking to dodge the attacks of newly respawned enemies. This dodge tactic can maintain a decent amount of health and allow a few more valuable attacks into enemy coffers.
  • Bull ve The cousin Many players' Supers, such as, can be used to break down walls. Use this ability to clear the path to the vault, making it easier to reach and destroy. Be careful using these abilities when attacking the enemy and trying to defend the safe, or you may unintentionally make things easy for them.
  • When the match starts, always make sure to fight the enemy team in the middle of the map because otherwise it will allow the enemy to advance and overrun the safe.
  • Since most offensive players are melee Rico, Colt and other snipers must go to the defense when they reach your safe. But don't just get defensive after killing opponents. Just go ahead and get the safe.
  • Leon or a Mortis fighters like this mod not very viable options. While they can do tons of damage, their slow reload speed makes them very vulnerable after having to wait a long time to fire three shots at the safe and do more damage.

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How to Play Brawl Stars Heist? Brawl Stars Heist Mode Video