Double Showdown Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Double Showdown?

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Brawl Stars Showdown Mode Guide

What is Brawl Stars Double Showdown Game Mode?

Defeat the other four teams. If you are defeated, you will respawn after a while if your teammate is still alive!

Double Showdown, except when you have a teammate fighting you One Reckoningor similar.

When a Power Cube is earned, it is shared between the two of you, so if you earn 1 Power Cube, your teammate will also gain 1 Power Cube.

How to Play Brawl Stars Double Showdown?/ The purpose of Double Showdown Game mode

  • There are four pairs of players other than you. Your goal is to get them out and be the last team standing.
  • When playing in doubles, as long as one person from the team survives, the other will respawn after the cooldown.
  • If your teammate dies, until you respawn 15 seconds It will have a timer. Downed teammates do not carry the Power Cubes they had before they died, so all respawn teammates start at 0(zero) Power Cubes.
  • If both you and your teammate are defeated before either of you respawn, it's game over for you.
  • Depending on the map type of the mod that is currently open, there are different additional items such as collecting power cubes that provide fire and health by breaking the chests, gaining short-term additional fire power, speed and resistance with the determined energy drinks, gaining life with healing mushrooms, being hit with a meteorite.

Double ShowdownWhich Characters Are The Best?

Double Showdown - Brawl Stars Game Mode
Double Showdown – Brawl Stars

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  • Bo: While Bo isn't the most useful attacker, Eagle Eye Star Power, can be extremely advantageous for your teammate as the view of the bushes is much wider. Also, if you and your teammates need a Super later in the match, Bo's accessory Super Totem available.
  • Poco ve Pam: While Poco and Pam don't really do a lot of damage (at least at range), they really do have high health and Super and Star Powers that can give teammates extra survivability. They have a high chance of survival.
  • Crow :Crow, can poison enemies and can damage their health, weaken them, and apply passive pressure to the enemy team with his Super. Extra Toxic Star Powerstrengthens the effectiveness of his Star Power, benefiting both himself and his teammates.
  • Jessie ve Penny: Enemy teams usually stay together in this mode, so Jessie and Penny's multi-target hit capabilitiesi can deal massive damage to enemy players. Their turrets also provide area denial and force the enemy to constantly move.
  • Colt, Brock, Rico, Piper ve Bea: All have high damage and long range, which makes them effective at putting pressure on enemies at a safe distance.
  • Gene: Gene, Magical Mist to star power very useful when he has one because his teammate has low health can heal teammate. Gene is also useful when he has his Super. He can bring enemies closer to him and have a teammate finish them off.
  • High: As a teammate, his Superini allows both himself and his teammate to gain positions. Max's very fast movement speed, allows it to lure enemies or quickly support teammates in danger. Your super can also be used to kill the enemy.
  • Nani: Very high explosion damage and with good range, Nani can quickly defeat an enemy on a team, leaving his teammate vulnerable to himself or other teams. Once she has her Super ability, she can use Nani Peep to either safely target a team from a great distance, or to quickly defeat a single enemy. the transporter your accessory You can use.
  • Byron ve Edgar: Byron and Edgar in the double reckoning, especially With Byron's healing and Edgar's aggressive attack, they can form a strong team. If you're using this composition, remember to stay with Byron the entire match. It is very important to stay with Byron and always get a healing effect.

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Brawl Stars Double Showdown Maps

Brawl Stars Double Showdown Maps

Brawl Stars Double Showdown Maps
Brawl Stars Double Showdown Maps

How to Win Double Showdown?

Double Showdown Tactics

  • When you respawn in this game mode, don't forget to stick with your teammate. Do not abandon them and try to conquer your opponents on your own - one way or another, you will defeat them pretty quickly. Breaking up can defeat both of you.
  • Don't forget to collect power boxes before going into battle with your opponents. Each power box will give you extra life.
  • Be wary of your ambush opponents. It may not always be empty around you.
  • Make sure to coordinate your Warriors for the best results. If you have a high damage dealer like Colt or Brock, try to balance your team by choosing a tank Brawler with more health like Bull or a boost like Poco and Pam (and maybe Gene with Magic Puffs). If you have a high damage pool and a low health pool at the same time, you may find yourself being easily taken down by more balanced teams.
  • A useful tactic is to lure an enemy with your teammate. His teammate must look weak, act and lure them. On your other teammate Shelly or a Bull It should be a close range player like a player and hide in the bush. After you lure them, your other teammate will kill them.
  • Go to a better place and try to corner the other teams. This will put pressure on the opponent trapped between your team and another team, or between your team and the poison clouds. However, if there is another team in the game, the roles may change and you may instead be cornered based on your current health and number of Power Cubes.
  • When your teammate dies, it's in your best interest not to go into battle to respawn them.
  • Always keep an eye on the number of opponents remaining. How many people you will fight will make it easier for you to plan.
  • If your teammate is defeated but you have a chance to collect a Power Cube, try to wait until your teammate respawns so you both get the Power Cube unless there are immediate threats.

Brawl Stars Double Showdown Best Duos

Brawl Stars Double Showdown Best Duos
Brawl Stars Double Showdown Game Mode Best Duos


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