Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes

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In this writing Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes we will examine Pink, Brawl Stars is among the most popular heavyweight characters in the game. Rosa is the Rare character who attacks with a flurry of three short-range punches with boxing gloves that can pierce enemies. 7560 botanical boxer with life Rosa We will provide information about Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

In addition, Rosa Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

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Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Brawl Stars Rosa character

Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes

Pink, rare character.Rosa is the Rare character who attacks with a flurry of three short-range punches with boxing gloves that can pierce enemies. Rosa's high health and medium-high damage potential there is. Super gives him a shield, reducing his damage taken by 3% for 70 seconds.

Accessory , Growing Lightspawns bushes around which any enemy player can hide.

First Star Power Medicinal Herbs, slowly heals him over time while in the bush.

Second Star Power Barbed GlovesAdds additional damage to his main attack while Super is active.

RosaSince , is one of the rare characters, it is more likely to come out of the boxes. Usually, mega boxes in the game present Rosa to the player.

Attack: Stone Fist ;

Rosa throws powerful punches with perfect technique!
Rosa throws three short-range punches in a wide arc. Because her attack range is pretty short, Rosa has to get close to her targets to damage them. It can pierce attacks and hit multiple enemies. The attack takes 1,05 seconds to complete.

Super: Powerful Blows ;

Rosa gets a second skin of ivy for 3 seconds, reducing all damage taken by 70% during this time.
Upon activation, Rosa will temporarily gain a shield along with a changed appearance. This shield reduces any damage taken by 3% for 70 seconds.

Brawl Stars Rosa Costumes

botanist boxer Rosa Brawl Stars is one of the most interesting and cute characters of the game. Since Rosa is one of the rare characters in the game, there are not many costume options. Rosa has two different skins in the game. These costumes and their costs are as follows:

  • Default Rosa: Free
  • Brawl-o-ween Rosa: 80 Diamonds
Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Rosa Brawl Stars Features Costumes

The Brawl-o-ween costume has been added to the game specifically for Halloween. This diamond-only skin is free for Brawl-o-ween Challenge players.

Rosa Features

Rosa, like all other Brawl Stars characters, has 7 different character traits. These character traits that Rosa has become stronger in advanced levels. Rosa Brawl Stars features are listed as follows:

  • Health: 7560
  • Damage Per Fist: 644 (3)
  • SUPER: Shield
  • Reload Speed ​​(ms): 1000
  • Attack Speed ​​(ms): 1100
  • Speed: Fast (A character with above average speed)
  • Attack Range: 3.67
  • Level 1 Damage: 1380
  • 9-10. Level Damage: 1932
Level Health
1 5400
2 5670
3 5940
4 6210
5 6480
6 6750
7 7020
8 7290
9 – 10 7560

Rosa Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Medicinal Herbs ;

While in a bush, Rosa heals for 200 health per second.
When Rosa enters a bush, she will heal for 200 health every second.

warrior's 2. star power :Barbed Gloves ;

Rosa's punches take +220 damage during her Super.
While Rosa's Super is active, Rosa's main attack takes an additional 220 damage, effectively dealing 864 damage per punch and 3 total damage if all 2592 punches are hit.

rosa brawl stars picture
rosa brawl stars picture

Rosa Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Grow Light ;

Rosa fertilizes the soil around it and the bushes grow instantly to provide great cover.
Once activated, Rosa instantly grows a 3-by-3 section of green bushes where she stands. These bushes remain for the remainder of the match unless destroyed by an Enemy's super or a goal is scored on the Cannon.

warrior's 2. accessory : harsh bushes

Enemies hiding in bushes take 100 points of damage and are slowed for 3 seconds.


  • War BallUse your Super and collect the ball, then run to the goalpost and score. However, any form of stun (Shelly's Supers, Frank, The cousin, Mileage, etc.) will release the ball from your hand and “drag” you into the goal.
  • Rosa ve The cousin has the same movement speed, but Rosa's range is slightly longer and wider, so she can chase and attack her when out of range.
  • Her super ability has extremely high damage resistance however, it has a somewhat short duration, so use this with caution, especially if he has low health.
  • If he can surprise the other team (in any mode) while his Super is active, he can continuously stack Supers, taking almost no damage and wiping his team.
  • Rosa's Herbs star power, per second in the bush 200 provides health improvement. Be sure to use this while fighting another Rosa, this will give her better healing when dealing damage to her opponent. On maps with a lot of bush, especially Bounty HuntIt can be very difficult to beat. Crow'flour poison and The cousin's Blazing Jump can even use Plant life to counter star power damage.
  • Double Showdown'Also make sure you have a team composition that can cover Rosa's weaknesses. The most obvious options are mid/long range players, among them Brock, Piper, Colt and even some maps have Carl.
  • Super can save him in tough situations due to his high damage reduction. Use his Super when fighting another player who could knock him out.
  • To add bushes and bind them to make it easier for him to ambush his opponents Rosa's Grow Light accessory, available.

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