Bounty Hunt Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

How to Play Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt?

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What is Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Game Mode?

The Bounty Hunt is played in teams of 3 to 3.

Collect Stars for your team by defeating players in the enemy team. Each time you defeat an enemy, the bounty on your head is increased by one Star. When the clock runs out, the team with more Stars wins. In case of a draw, the team holding the blue star wins.

Bounty Hunt – Brawl Stars Game Mode Guide

The aim of the Bounty Hunt Game mode

  • In this mode, the aim is to get the most stars at the end of 2 minutes by destroying the players on the opposing team.
  • Each player starts with a 2-star reward displayed above the player's head.
  • Players will respawn as long as the timer continues. When the time runs out, the team that has collected more stars wins the game.
  • In case of a tie when the timer stops, a blue star appears on the map. The team of the player who manages to move this star for a certain time wins. If the carrier dies, the blue star passes to the opposing team and so on.
  • When a player is killed, his reward is added to the score of the team of players who killed him, and the reward for the player who killed him is increased by 1 star (up to 7).
  • When a player dies, their reward is reset to 2 stars.
  • A blue star icon will appear next to the team's star number, indicating that they have a blue star. .

Who Are The Best Characters In The Bounty Hunt?

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  • Brock: Brock's powerful long-range attack allows him to quickly defeat many other enemies without frequently coming under fire as long as allied players stay behind and use walls well due to his relatively low health. Super ability to avoid enemies to pass undetected Snake Meadow Useful for destroying bushes on maps such as (Snake Prairie). He can also use his Super to break through the walls the enemy is hiding behind. Rocket Fuel accessory  can lead to some devastating consequences.
  • Piper: Piper Can deal significant damage at long range, his bullets move much faster than Brock's, and he can use his Super to get out of range of melee enemies and stay safe while dealing melee damage to them. To force enemies to retreat on most undergrowth maps Ambush Star Power You can use.
  • Bo: Eagle Eye Star Power, also improves visibility in bushes, which Snake Meadow Useful on maps like (Snake Prairie). Bo's Supercan be used to control a huge area, detect enemy Warriors in bushes, break walls, deal damage or push back the enemy. Bear Trap Star Power, immobilizes enemies, giving your team a chance to attack and defeat them.
  • Rico: Rick, He can bounce his shots, allowing him to control bushes and deal damage to enemies behind obstacles. Her Signature ability deals high damage, allowing quick defeats. Star Power Mechanical Escapecan help him escape or flap his wings better. On maps where walls are common Rico to quickly eliminate his opponents Super Sparkle Star Power You can use.
  • Penny: Penny can use a mortar to force enemies to move, leaving them defenseless. Also, if the enemies get together, they can easily defeat the enemy Warriors.
  • Mortis: Mortis can dash quickly and take the center star. bounty huntwidely used in Barley, Dynamics ve Tick counters shooters like It can throw and destroy shooters or defeat grouped teams. He can also avoid the attacks of enemies more easily than most players. Star Forces, Creepy Harvest and Coiled Snake, It can have Mortis successfully kill an enemy without being killed himself.
  • Poco: Poco can act as a boost to heal allies while pushing them towards the enemy. With one of the highest levels of health among bounty-hunting players, he can do a lot of damage-absorbing duty and become a tank when his healing is ready.bounty huntHis attacks suddenly became much more frightening; Treble Solo star power When used, it can be used as an aggressive frontline attacker. Because it's nearly impossible to miss a Poco shot, more focus can be applied to attacking and getting close to enemies. Also, who can control bushes better than other players and support campers In the Snake Meadow (Snake Prairie) is a great option. Da Capo! star power also Pink ve Shelly like heavy and can help assassins stay in battle.
  • Tick: Tick's attack takes up a lot of space and just like Barley Like Tick, he can protect himself from incoming assassins. Supers are usually Mortis It poses an immediate threat to the enemy who resists the Tick and can also tear down walls. your tick Well Oiled star powerkeeps it on the forefront without worrying about the constant need to withdraw, while other star power, Auto-Tick Refillhelps Tick save space as it doesn't need to be pulled back to reload.
  • Bea: Bea's long range and overload, easily Deal high damage and defeat enemieswhat helps. He can also trap them with his Super to secure more stars. To spot the enemy in the bushes Accessory Angry Hive and shoot the enemies behind the cover.
  • Gene: Gene's Super is especially useful for taking down enemies, as many players commonly used in bounty hunting don't have much health. Defeats, Gene,  Enchanted Mist star power while improving with Brock ve Mortis It's even more guaranteed when paired with teammates who can handle close-range combat, such as
  • Mr.P: Mr. P can provide a lot of value when he gets his Super, as he will spawn an infinite number of robo-carriers until the home base is destroyed, forcing enemies to use his attacks, especially when he has it. Carriers respawn much faster Revolving Door star power. It also has good range, allowing it to safely attack distant enemies. Since it increases the range of the bag, its range is for the enemy, Careful Move to star power It will be very deadly when he has it.
  • Sprout: Sprout's long range, TickIt allows it to cover many areas behind a wall, very similar to . His Signature ability can be used to defend himself and other teammates, blocking the path of enemies, allowing time for them to heal while Sprout can attack them safely.

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Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Maps


How to Win a Bounty Hunt?

Bounty Hunting Tactics

  • The middle star that appears at the beginning of the game does not add to your reward, so it's a useful round-up when the game starts.
  • In this Event, you try to defeat the enemies as much as possible, but dying can really reduce your team's chances of victory, so focus on dealing as much damage as possible while surviving.
  • When your health is low, retreat to respawn and survive.
  • If your character can deal area of ​​effect damage, take advantage of it when enemy players get close.
  • If you reach a high number of stars, don't give up and keep playing concentrated. Putting yourself at risk can allow the other team to beat you and quickly gain the upper hand.
  • If your team is losing, going after the opponent with the highest prize is likely to lead to victory, but if you're winning, stepping back and playing defense would be a better option.

Brawl Stars Bounty Hunt Top Teams – Top Characters


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