PUBG: How To Unlock Taego Secret Room

PUBG: How To Unlock Taego Secret Room ; PUBG's Taego map is full of secrets. Here's how players can unlock Taego's secret room and where to find it.

No doubt, PUBG has become a staple in modern Battle Royale games, especially for many players PUBG on the market since they agree that it is the most original Battle Royale video game. And Fortnite ve Call of duty warzone Although other Battle Royale games have entered the scene, such as PUBG managed to maintain and even increase its player base ( especially after PUBG became free-to-play ). And KRAFTON, one of the PUBG developers. One reason it's attracting players worldwide is that they're constantly releasing new content to the game.

For example, KRAFTON offers players Black Lagoon or Spider-Man. He's always working with other developers to deliver amazing transitions like Ancak PUBG's best One of its latest updates has given players a new map. (Taego) and with it introduced dozens of secret rooms filled with unique loot. But as players might expect, especially if they're not sure where to look, find a secret room it will be a little more difficult.

PUBG: How To Unlock Taego Secret Room

Taego Secret Room Keys

To open the secret room players, Call of Duty Must find secret keys similar to Warzone's Red Access Key Cards And unfortunately, these keys are random loot, so players have to find one. They will have to rely on PUBG's RNG. As such, players aiming to unlock the Taego Secret Rooms will want to land in areas with plenty of floor loot.

However, some players have found good results in looting certain areas of the map, such as the Airport or Oh Hyang. Fortunately, Taego is a small map, not like the rumored planet-sized game from KRAFTON, which will make finding the key that much more difficult. Also, players should always loot enemy players as they may be carrying the key.

Taego Secret Room Locations

PUBG: Taego Secret Room
PUBG: How To Unlock Taego Secret Room

After a player finds the key, the next step is to go to one of the 12 Taego Secret Chamber spawn locations scattered around the map. And the good news is that these secret rooms are spawning all the time, so players don't need to pray to the RNG gods (unless the player is playing the limited-time Zombie Survival event, since Taego Secret Doors is completely RNG in that game mode).

Here are the possible locations:

  • Small Campus North of Wol Song
  • Ruined Buildings South of Army Base
  • Southeastern Small Town of Army Base
  • On a small island south of Hae Moo Sa
  • On a Farm south of Ha Po
  • Scattered Buildings Southeast of Ho Sa Prison
  • In A Small Cottage To The North-West Of Buk San Sa
  • Small Village to the North-West of the Studio Complex
  • Ruined Buildings Southeast of Studio Complex
  • Building Located North-East of Oh Hyang
  • Near a barn south of the airport
  • In an Abandoned Building Southeast of the Shipyard

Players will immediately notice the Taego Secret Chamber as it will feature a beautiful Minhwa (ancient Korean folk art) mural of a crane and waterfall. However, players should be extra careful when searching for the secret room as it is not uncommon for other players to camp at these gates. And right now in PUBG With existing shadowing issues, enemy players can easily adapt to the environment and kill the player before they even open the door. Hopefully, KRAFTON's unannounced UE5 AAA Project will address these issues and more.

Taego Secret Rooms Booty

As most veteran Battle Royale players know, the only way a player can win a match is to be the last player standing on the field (which isn't always easy, especially without knowing the game mechanics). If they're playing PUBG: New State ). But of course this means they will have to fight and outlast other players, meaning that the player with the better loot will have a significant advantage over the others.

And that's why new and experienced players include high-level loot, care pack items, self-AEDs, scopes, healing, and throwables. guaranteed They succeed in finding the Taego Secret Rooms. And these items increase a player's chance to become the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner of the match ( game tips and tricks even more if they know) would greatly increase it.

However, as mentioned earlier, players should not stay in the secret room for too long as other players will become aware that someone has opened the secret room. And being trapped in a secret room will only result in death, as there is no cover and there is no single way out.



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