Fortnite Released Its New Update

Fortnite New Update Released , the latest Fortnite update is rolling out to players and brings various adjustments to weapons in Epic's popular battle royale game.

Epic Games introduced new balances and changes to certain weapons in the popular battle royale game. Fortnite a yeni great update published. Episode 5 Season 1 of the free game hits 100 million players in November to Fortnite It begins after the highly successful debut season of OG.

Fortnite With the end of the OG Chapter, Epic Games has added three new modes to the game: rhythm-based Fortnite Festival, a competitive racing mode in the form of Rocket Race and the highly anticipated LEGO Fortnite transition. While the spotlight is on other areas of the game, Epic still found time to balance some of the weapons in the original mode.

Epic is the latest game currently available to players. Fortnite update explained in detail. These include increased damage for the Ranger Pistol, Shield Breaker EMP, and Ballistic Shield pistol, as well as increased magazine size for the Thunder Burst SMG. Other rebalanced weapons include the Striker AR, which has seen a reduced power, and the Reaper Sniper, which has had a reduced spawn rate.

Last in Fortnite update The changes found are not limited to weapons only. new patch, includes changes to the medallions; these medallions can now fill the player's shield more depending on how many are held. To compensate for medallions now stacking to fill more of the shield bar, equipping one or two will no longer fill 100% of the shield and there will be a longer delay before the shield begins to recharge.

Seems like Fortnite After the success of the OG season, Epic continues its momentum. The recently released Fortnite Festival mode arrived on December 9th, and it looks like a guitar-shaped controller could be coming to Fortnite in January 2024. The controller has been teased by PDP, the team that produces plastic peripherals for Rock Band 4. .

With changes to medallions and a rebalancing of some weapons and shields, Epic seems to be pushing to make sure fans have as much fun as possible in the battle royale game. Along with these fixes, players will also be able to get new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skins in Fortnite. The four heroes in half shells can be purchased from the store for 1600 V-Bucks per piece.

Fortnite Released Its New Update

December 16, 2023 Fortnite Patch Notes:

  • Flower fruits provide more shields.
  • Increased the damage of the Ranger Gun, Shield Breaker EMP, and Ballistic Shield gun.
  • Reduced the magazine size of the Snowball Launcher.
  • Thunder Burst SMG magazine size increased.
  • Reduced the drop rate of the Reaper Sniper Rifle.
  • Striker AR deals less damage.
  • The circle showing the medallion holder is smaller.
  • Medallions now have a short delay before shield regeneration begins, their regeneration rate has been slightly decreased, and they no longer refill 100% Shield (unless you have all 5).
  • Holding more than one Medallion increases the amount of times the shield can be recharged.