Elden Ring: How to Use Weapon Skills

Elden Ring: How to Use Weapon Skills ; Weapon Skills offer players a lot of help against the perils of the In-between Realm. Here's how to use them.

Elden Ring , to the players of their characters Lord of the Hand offers a wide range of equipment for them to use in their quest to become However, a character's weapon is the most valuable piece of equipment they have. To the countless enemies of the Lands Between It is a tool that will enable them to fight against and defeat them. The importance of guns in Elden Ring It becomes even more apparent with the inclusion of Weapon Skills, which are unique abilities that nearly every weapon has.

Weapon Skills can give players a lot of power to use during battle. Typically, these abilities provide players with the capacity to improve their offensive, defensive, or support abilities, among other things. Even the simplest Weapon Skills have a significant impact on the outcome of battles, making them an invaluable asset. Being such a useful helper in fights, players should understand these abilities and their uses. But before doing so, players At Elden Ring How to use Weapon Skills they must know.

How to Use Weapon Skills

Using Weapon Skills It is not simple and complex. For those playing on the controller, pressing the left trigger or the L2 button will activate Weapon Skills, while those playing on the keyboard should press Shift and click the Right Mouse Button at the same time. However, only a left-handed weapon's Weapon Skill will activate unless it is being wielded by players.

Most Weapon Skills require players to use Focal Points or FP, except for abilities like a shield's Parry. Players need to spend a certain amount of FP based on the Weapon Skill they use. Therefore, players need to maintain their FP to use Weapon Skills. Players who are very useful in combat, their Mind stats when they are upgraded, they should consider allocating points by allowing further use of Weapon Skills.

How to Change Weapon Skills?

Although most weapons come with a Weapon Skill, players may want to change that. There are many reasons for doing this, usually involving the players' build or playstyle. Changing a Weapon Skill allows players to Requires obtaining Ashes of War items that grant weapons new abilities. However, the Weapon Skills of certain weapons cannot be changed.

Before players can change their Weapon Skills, they must acquire an item known as the Ball Stone Knife. This item gives players the ability to add Ashes of War to weapons. After players receive the Whetstone Knife, they must visit a Grace Site. In the Grace Site menu, players will find an 'Ashes of War' option. This section is where players can add Ashes of War to weapons and change Weapon Skills.


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