Genshin Impact : Best Recipes

Genshin Impact : Best Recipes , Best Healing Meals , Endurance Meals , Best Reborn Foods ,Genshin Impact recipes ,Genshin Impact Food Recipes  ; Check out the best Genshin Impact recipes that heal while swimming or climbing, buffing the party, increasing defense and even providing some stamina.

at Genshin Impact food, It's incredibly important for healing, powering the party, restoring stamina, and more. If players want the best bang for their buck in cooking, there are some games that do a lot with little. recipes there is. Request Genshin impactbest to cook in recipes.

Best Healing Meals

To be one of the best healing foods, players must not only have easy access to the ingredients, but also have as few of them as possible. Based on this, the most popular recipes that improvei are:

Genshin Impact : Best Recipes
Genshin Impact : Best Recipes

Mushroom pizza

-Restores 26/28/30% of Max HP to the selected character. Regenerates 30/5/450 HP every 620 seconds for 790 seconds.
-Price: 4 Mushrooms, 3 Flour, 2 Cabbage, 1 Cheese
-Recipe Location: A Valuable Chest in Stormterror's Lair, just above the "o" in "terror" on the map, or in the Food from Afar Quest

Mushrooms are growing all over the Teyvat map, which means players probably have a lot of mushrooms in their inventory. The other three ingredients, cabbage, flour, and cheese, can be purchased directly or processed from ingredients that can be purchased directly. This means players can craft tons of them; Making these with Jean not only helps increase the amount of food made, but can also create a special version of this dish: Refreshing Pizza. This version of pizza restores 34% of Max HP and restores 30 HP every 5 seconds for 980 seconds.

Sweet madame

-20/22/24% Max HP to target character and additional 900/1.200/1.500 HP restores.
-Price: 2 Chickens, 2 Sweet Flowers
-Recipe Location: The recipe is available as soon as the cooking is unlocked.

It's hard to think of Genshin Impact food without thinking of Sweet Madame. It is used in several quests and is also one of several foods that miHoYo has published official Teivat recipes so that players can cook the Genshin treat in real life. Players just need 2 fowl, which they can obtain by killing any bird on the map (usually with a bow user) and 2 Sweet Flowers that spawn almost everywhere on the map.


-Mondstadt Hashbrowns – Restores 30/32/34% of Max HP and 600/1,250/1,900 HP in addition to the target character. 2 Pinecones, 1 Potato, 1 Jam
-Blackback Sea Bass Stew – Regenerates 30/26/28% of Max HP for the selected character for 30 seconds and regenerates 5/450/620 HP every 790 seconds. 3 Fish, 1 Jueyun Chili, 1 Salt, 1 Violet Herb
-Universal Peace – Restores 30/32/34% of Max HP and additional 600/1.250/1.900 HP to target character. 4 Rice, 2 Lotus Heads, 2 Carrots, 2 Berries

Best Stamina Recovery or Endurance-Boosting Meals

Genshin Impact : Best Recipes
Genshin Impact : Best Recipes

There are foods in Genshin Impact that both replace the stamina lost while doing a certain activity and reduce the amount of stamina. Here are the best Mora can buy.

Barbatos Ratatouille

-Reduces Stamina consumed by gliding and running by 900/15/20% for all party members for 25 seconds.
-Price: 4 Carrots, 4 Potatoes, 4 Onions
-Recipe Location: Talk to Vind at Stormbearer Point

This recipe is a must-have for any long gliding trip that players plan to continue. Potatoes and onions can be easily purchased, and players can grow lots of carrots in Serenitea Pots.

Sticky Honey Roast

-Reduces Stamina consumed by climbing and running for all party members by 900/15/20% for 25 seconds.
-Specification: 3 Raw Meat, 2 Carrots, 2 Sugar
-Recipe Location: Master's Day Off story quest or Dawn Winery commission Food Delivery

Unlike Barbatos Ratatouille, Stick Honey Roast helps players use less stamina while climbing. This is a great early game tool before players have a chance to upgrade their stamina.

Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies

-Recovers 300 Stamina on a 80 second cooldown.
-Specification: 3 Mushrooms, 2 Raw Meat, 2 Flour
-Recipe Location: Mrs. Buy from Bai for 2.500 Mora.

The maximum stamina a player can instantly exchange for food is 80, and Mountain Flavors and Cold Noodles are the best way to get it. The ingredients are very simple and the recipe is cheap to buy.

Best Reborn Foods

Genshin Impact : Best Recipes
Genshin Impact : Best Recipes

Tevat Fried Egg

Revitalizes and restores 120/50/100 HP to the fallen target character on a 150 second cooldown.
-Specification: 1 Bird Egg
-Recipe Location: The recipe is available as soon as the cooking is unlocked.

Genshin impactConsidering that bird eggs spawn in tons of trees all over the map, an egg is a small price to pay to bring a character to life. This is the easiest thing to do and players can buy them from several vendors as well.

The Best DEF-Boosting Meals

Defensive foods can work in one of two ways; They can either directly strengthen the defenses of the characters or strengthen the shields of the characters. couple with shields like Noelle Genshin impact character, there are both types listed here.

Lotus Flower Crisp

Increases party's defense by 300/165/200 for 235 seconds.
-Specification: 4 Almonds, 2 Flour, 2 Butter, 1 Sugar
-Recipe Location: Get it from Ms. Yu after reaching Reputation Level 4 on Liyue

Lotus Flower Flakes are great because players can purchase all the ingredients needed to make it. Almonds, Flour, Butter and Sugar can be purchased from Liyue Port, Mondstadt City and the main city of Inazuma.

Moon pie

-Moon Pie increases the Shield Power of all party members by 300/25/30% and defense by 35/165/200 for 235 seconds.
-Specification: 4 Raw Meat, 4 Bird Eggs, 3 Butter, 2 Flour
-Recipe Location: From Hertha to reach Reputation Level 7 in the historic city of Mondstadt

Moon Pie is a hard-to-get recipe, but once players have it, it can probably be made with ingredients around. This massive boost to shields is perfect for teams built on wearing shields as often as possible.

Fisherman's toast

Increases party's defense by 300/88/107 for 126 seconds.
-Specification: 3 Flour, 2 Tomatoes, 1 Onion, 1 Milk
-Recipe Location: The recipe is available as soon as the cooking is unlocked.

Not only is all the food needed to buy Toast, but this recipe can also be purchased from various vendors around Teyvat. Players can purchase pre-made Toasts from Chef Mao in Liyue, Sara in Mondstadt, and Shimura Kanbei in Inazuma.

Best Offensive Buff Foods

Offensive foods are foods that grant buffs for attack power and Critical rates. These foods can help give players the little edge they may need to survive to defeat tough enemies and fight again.

Adeptus' Temptation

Increases the party's Attack by 300/260/316 and Critical Rate by 372/8/10% for 12 seconds.
-Specification: 4 Ham, 3 Crab, 3 Shrimp Meat, 3 Matsutake
-Recipe Location: In a Chest on the floating island on Qingyun Peak or the Nine Pillars of Peace quest

Can't beat this recipe. Currently the only five-star recipe in the game. Although the recipe is a little difficult to obtain, the ingredients are all available for purchase. Ham can be purchased or Genshin Impact players can treat this dish with raw meat and salt. And the effects of consuming this nutrient are extremely high; players can greatly increase everyone's attack power. Combined with his critical speed boost, Adeptus' Temptation cannot be defeated.