Elden Ring: Glintstone Scarab Location

Elden Ring: Glintstone Scarab Position ; The Glintstone Scarab is a helmet in the Elden Ring that reduces the FP cost for Sorcery, and how to get it is explained in our post.

Glintstone Scarab It may not look like a Helmet at first, but yes, Elden Ring players can wear this beetle on their heads. And while this equipment will increase damage taken, wearing it will slightly reduce the FP cost while casting spells.

Players simply travel to the area north of Limgrave called Liurnia and go to Raya Lucaria Academy Glintstone Scarab they can find. This area is filled with dangerous enemies that can cast a lot of ranged spells, so players should be prepared before stepping inside. The following steps are Glintstone Scarab He will point in the right direction so they can take his helm.

Glintstone Scarab Helm Location in Elden Ring

To make the path to Elden Ring's Glintstone Scarab as simple as possible, players should start at Lost Grace's Debate Hall Site, the same place where Radagon fights against the boss known as the Red Wolf.

  • Starting at the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Lost Grace, head north.
  • Players will see a broken bridge leading to a separate building on the right and will be able to jump through the arches to get on top of it. Watch out for the rolling rocks though. As soon as players start going up, they will start rolling down the bridge.
  • After the players cross the bridge, there will be a powerful enemy named Moongrum (defeat him to get the Karya Knight Shield).
  • From the section with the knight, head south through the door and then take a hard left to jump onto the side of the building to reach a different area.
  • Inside this room there will be a ladder — climb the ladder.
  • There will be enemies in the room at the top of the stairs, so be careful when approaching.
  • There will be a large enemy with a metal thing on his head, but players can try to get past him (or just run).
  • The treasure chest containing the Glintstone Scarab will pass right by you.

Glintstone Scarab Stats

  • Weight – 5.1
  • Damage Block (Physical -5.8, Against Hit -5.6, Against Slash -5.8, Against Pierce -5.8, Magic -4.9, Fire -4.9, Lightning -4.9, Holy -5.1)
  • Resilience (Immune 42, Strength 22, Focus 27, Vitality 26, Balance 2)

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