Elden Ring: How to Run? | To run

Elden Ring: How to Run? | To run ; Knowing How to Run in the Elden Ring is essential to avoid overwhelming odds, dodge attacks without rolling, and otherwise move more effectively.

When faced with overwhelming odds at Elden Ring, there is only one thing to do – to run! To run, It's such a fundamental aspect of Elden Ring's movement in and out of combat that it's a good idea to get used to the way it works in this game compared to previous FromSoftware games.

Soon after, in-game players receive Torrent, a summonable horse to ride, but Torrent cannot be summoned in internal areas. Running isn't just for dodging enemies, it can also be used to close the distance between you and your target, increase your jump range, and assist in a variety of other situations.

Elden Ring: How to Run?

To run in Elden Ring, all you have to do is hold down the B button (or Square) while moving the left joystick in one direction. After a while, your character will start to move much faster as the Stamina bar is gradually depleted. If you take your thumb off the joystick or stop holding the B or Square button, your character will stop working and Stamina will recharge.

It's a pretty basic mechanic, but there are a few things that can affect it. Your Equipment Load is one of them – A Light load is faster and uses less Stamina than a Medium Load, which is faster than a Heavy Load and uses less Stamina. If your Equip Charge exceeds 100%, you will not be able to run and your movement will be severely affected in several ways.

Run, Run, and Move

At Elden Ring, movement is everything. Knowing the right time to Dodge Roll vs sprint is an important skill to learn when it comes to Stamina management. Outside of combat, Stamina never runs out, allowing you to Sprint constantly. In battle, the bar depletes normally. In general, dodge is more efficient, but Running will get your character further away in the same amount of time.

For example, in a battle against Agheel, using Dodge Rolls to evade the Flying Dragon's wide-ranging breath attack doesn't take up enough space. Against fast enemies it's usually better to use a mix of running and dodge if they get too close. Lock down enemies you want to reliably avoid so you can react to attacks by dodging or dodging at the right time.

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