Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Pineapple Seeds | Pineapple Seeds

Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Pineapple Seeds | Pineapple Seeds; The pineapple may be a profitable fruit in Stardew Valley, but its seeds are hard to find. Here's how to get them…

Stardew Valley's Ginger Island location offers players many additional locations to explore, items to collect, and crops to grow. Among the latter ananas has. Given the valuable artisanal items they can produce, their benefits in cooking, and the potential call of 100 in Special Order from Caroline, many players are looking to grow this tropical fruit. seed calling.

Finding Pineapple Seedsmay not be an easy task as it is not available in any store. Instead, the player must explore Ginger Island and search for them. Stardew Valley players Pineapple Seeds and how to grow them you can find it here.

Where to Find Pineapple Seed?

Unlike most seeds, Pineapple Seed cannot be bought for money. However, the player can trade for them with the Island Merchant on the north side of Ginger Island. This trade post requires 10 Golden Walnuts to unlock and can be purchased after the player unlocks the Island Farmhouse.

In this little hut, a bluebird is given to the player for a Magma Cap. Pineapple Seed will offer certain trades, including the option to buy. Magma Caps is a mushroom native to Ginger Island that can be found by foraging for food in the Volcano Dungeon and killing False Magma Cap monsters located there.

Some RNG controlled interactions are also listed below. Pineapple Seeds has the chance to result in:

  • Tiger Slimes is 1.6% off when killed Pineapple Seed has a chance to drop it.
  • Hot Heads, an explosive, high defense monster that lives in the Volcano Dungeon, has a 10% chance to drop Pineapple Seeds after being killed.
  • 5 in Golden Coconut Pineapple Seed The chance of finding it is about 14%. These can be found all over Ginger Island and players can take them to Clint's blacksmith shop to unlock them.

How is Pineapple Grown? How to use?

stardew valley pineapple
Stardew Valley: Pineapple Seed

Unlike most seeds, Pineapple Seeds the description does not contain instructions for the growing season; instead it just says "Plant these in warm weather". This is during the summer in Stardew Valley or Ginger IslandThis means they will grow year-round in the tropical temperature of . As such, they are perfect for cultivation on the Island Farm.

your pineapples It takes fourteen days (without Speed-Gro's help) to mature and, once fully grown, bears fruit every seven days. The player can sell the pineapples as is or use them to create and sell craft items such as wine and jelly. Sales prices of pineapple products are as follows:

stardew valley pineapple



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