The Sims 4: How to Get Rid of Money | Sims 4 Money Reduction Cheat

The Sims 4: How to Get Rid of Money | Those Who Have Too Much Money, The Sims 4 Money Reduction Cheat; The Sims 4 players are often interested in how to make money, but some are wondering if there is a way to get rid of money instead.

To earn money, just like in real life The Sims 4It's an important part of. Players can enjoy designing houses, honing their skills and building relationships with other Sims, but all this is impossible without a little money. Most players are usually trying to figure out how to make money, while others are more interested in how to get rid of it. For players with more money than they know what to do with,

In The Sims 4, there are two primary methods players can use to get rid of their Sims' money.

The Sims 4There can be several reasons why a player might want to receive money from their Sim. their Sims will struggle a bit more. Another possibility is that players may want to start over but keep the same characters and neighborhood.

Updated on January 29, 2022: The Sims 4is an incredible life simulation game whose rocky beginnings are almost forgotten, given the numerous updates this game has received over time. The sheer amount of content available in this game is quite impressive, players will spend hundreds of hours building the perfect home for their family or simply create destruction and mayhem if they want to!

The Sims 4One of the biggest advantages of . In general, in the game spend money It's quite satisfying and players can check out the following ways to make good use of their hard-earned Simoleon, and also learn how to get rid of their Sim's money fraudulently.

Spend money

The Sims 4: How to Get Rid of Money

How to get rid of money in The Sims 4 The obvious answer is to spend it. There are many high-budget items players can purchase, but the Virtuoso Violin is one of the most expensive. Players can purchase these instruments for §15.000 each, making it a good way to spend a lot of money quickly. In fact, players who want to get rid of their money without getting anything in return can sell these violins back with depreciation.

Alternatively, players can also The Sims 4They can buy expensive mansions from the Gallery in . After all, there is no shortage of great houses for players to control, they are the very lap of luxury. Of course, players don't have to choose pre-built houses – they can also create their own, which is pretty fun to build and decorate from scratch.

Of course, players can also choose to spend their money on vacation homes to give their successful Sims much-needed rest. Retail Lots are also an option, the player has the opportunity to keep these positions if they wish to participate in a different game cycle.

Donate Money

The Sims 4: How to Get Rid of Money

A simple action that most players forget. Donating money in The Sims 4, more Sims helpful It's a great way to make money and find a suitable way to send their money. While it is possible for some households to have so much money that a single donation is not enough, eliminating excess moneyIt's still a relatively immersive way to go.

However, in The Sims 4 there is a better way to eliminate money that players can interpret as a magical donation…

Missing the Money

The Sims 4As with most questions in , there is a legitimate and fraudulent answer. After all, there is an infinite number of actions that players can perform using cheats. At the end of the day, The Sims 4 is a PC game, and access to the in-game console means there are a number of console commands players can try in-game. This includes many money cheats, including a quick and easy way to get rid of their coins.

In order for players to be able to use this money manipulation scheme, the first thing they need to activate is to activate the cheat mode in The Sims 4. To do this, hold down CTRL+Shift+C on PC or all four shoulder buttons on PS4 and Xbox One. This will open the console and allow players to enter any command immediately after entering a certain command to change the game values ​​as they see fit.

Type “testingcheats true” without the quotes, then you can use the “Money” cheat to get rid of some cash. Simply type “Money x”; where x is the desired amount of money the player wishes to have. This can be used to increase, decrease, or exclude the amount of money players have, and this can prove to be a really tough scenario.

Fortunately, players can use the same cheat again if they regret their decision to get rid of all their cash. After all, while playing the game with a new challenge may seem great, a lack of funds can cause serious short-term problems that most players may not have thought of.

With these methods, players should have no problem getting rid of all their hard-earned Simoleons in The Sims 4. It's not hard to take advantage of the game's economy, given its fixed income funnel, so limiting a source of money can be a great way to go. To freshen everything up for a well-off family in the game!



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