Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish (How to Catch?)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish (How to Caught?), Stardew Valley Best Fish, Stardew Valley Fish Locations ; Fishing in Stardew Valley takes patience, but it usually pays off. This is especially true when you manage to catch these wonderful fish.

Fishing It can be very challenging but really rewarding. But just which fish if you know best to catch and how to hold them.

Stardew Valley'One of the main reasons why is so great is the number of things the player can do in the peaceful small farming game. Favorite among players is fishing. It's not just because it's a challenge, but because of its year-round adventure that brings you to every nook and cranny of Stardew Valley. That and the big money you can make from some of these tough fish.

so many fish but it's really hard to catch them all, especially the legends. However, some of these fish are worth up to 2000g and can be a great source of entertainment as well as a truly great source of income, provided you know where they are and how to catch them.

1-Legendary Fish

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish
Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

The Legend, which lives up to its name, is notorious for being extremely elusive. It flies around at ridiculous speed and can only be found in the spring when it rains.

Despite this, the Legend fish is worth an astonishing 5000g as the standard and 7500g as the golden starfish, and all the effort is well worth it. It's also a pretty good fish to show off. As for where you can find the legend, if the player throws his line near the floating log there, he will be seen in Mountain Lake. This is very difficult, good luck!


Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish
Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

Crimsonfishis one of the most expensive fish in the game, 1500g as standard and 2250g when gold graded. However, this only shows how difficult it is to catch.

Not only is it a small fish, it can also be found in Deep Pier just off the coast. This pier can be found if the player steps onto the east boardwalk. It can only be found in the summer, but no matter the time and weather, it's just the fishing skills of the players.


Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish
Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

It really makes sense to find the Glacier Fish only in Winter, but luckily it can be found at any time and in any weather condition. By location, fishermen can catch Glacierfish just south of Arrowhead Island in the jungle. It's usually found in fairly deep waters, so look for the perfect spot.

Similar to Mutant Carp, getting to Arrowhead Island is a bit of an after-game effort, but at 1000g this fish makes it pretty worth it in the long run.

4-Mutant Carp (Mutant Carp)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish
Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

This legendary Mutant Carp can only be found in the sewer, meaning the player will have to dig pretty deep into the game before it becomes available. But as the season, time or weather doesn't matter, this fisherman can find his spare time and fish for this rare but precious carp.

At 1000g and 1500g under the standard, the Mutant Carp is worth seeking out no matter how far down the line it is.

5- Angler Fish (Angler)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

It would be wrong not to include the legendary fish. Not only are they very difficult to obtain, but they are well worth the money! The Angler itself is worth a whopping 900g as standard and if the player is lucky enough to get a golden Angler then it's worth an incredible 1350g!

The good thing is that this fish is always available in the fall and in any weather. By location, the player can find this fish next to the Wooden Plank Bridge in JojaMart's North Lake. Good luck!

6-Lava Eel (Lava Eel)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

The lava eel is pretty predictable when the player wonders where they can find it. However, that doesn't make it easy to capture, especially when the mine is at level 100! Because the Lava Eel is very far in the mine, the player needs to grind a little in that area, which takes a long time, but they also need to reach level 7 in fishing!

It's definitely worth it as it's worth 700g at a standard price but that doesn't detract from the fact that it takes a very long time to catch this rare fish!

7-Spook Fish

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

Sometimes the best fish are not the most valuable, but the coolest and hardest to catch or find. The Ghost Fish can be used when the player goes on a submarine journey from the 15th to the 17th day at the Night Market during the winter, making it a rather long wait if the fish is missed.

However, Spook Fish can be found using the Magic-Bait in the southwest corner of the beach from the far left pier while the player is fishing westward. It's a bit complicated, but that's what makes it a great fish.

8-Ice Pip (Ice Pip)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

This Ice Pip can be quite difficult to get hold of at first. It is only found in the 60th floor mine and the player has to fish at level 5 to have a chance, even then it is a really hard fish to catch. Luckily the seasons and timings don't matter, so a good fisherman and miner can fish until you catch it!

It may seem difficult, but if the player is looking to get some more gold under their belt, this fish is definitely worth it. Ice Pip is worth 500g as a standard fish and around 750g when gold! Definitely worth the fight.

9-Super Cucumber (Super Cucumber)

Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish


When a Sea Cucumber isn't good enough, a super cucumber is definitely good. And with the price difference, every fisherman is looking for one of these! The Standard Sea Cucumber will make the player about 75g, while the Super Cucumber is worth 250g at its standard price!

The price difference doesn't come without its drawbacks. Super cucumber can only be caught in the ocean in summer or fall. It doesn't matter if it rains or not, their timing is really important and a bit annoying. The player can only catch this between 18:00 PM and 02:00 PM, which will give him a bit of a rush to get home before he faints! It does mean, however, that the player can take care of their daily chores before a night of fishing.


Stardew Valley Top 10 Fish

The catfish is one of the highest-paid fish in the game. The standard price is 200 gr and the gold standard fish can go up to 300 gr! Even better, how easy it is to find one! Depending on the fishing rod the player has, it may not be the easiest fish to catch, but catfish are as plentiful as turnips in spring.

Catfish are found in rivers, ponds or swamps and can only be caught during the spring and autumn seasons. Luckily he can be around any time of the day, but it has to rain which is perfect for solo players who turn all their energies towards the farm and the animals!


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