Barley Brawl Stars Features Costumes

Brawl Stars Barley 

In this writing Barley Brawl Stars Features Costumes We will examine, Barley Brawl Stars, one of the most popular shooters of the game, besides being an easy-to-get, rare hero, maintains its place among the most preferred characters with its high area damage, large area attack and long range. We will provide information about Barley Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

In addition, Barley How to playTips What are we going to talk about.

Here is all the details Barley character…

Barley Brawl Stars Features Costumes

first level 2400 Although the character with health points and 680 damage points may seem weak at first glance, it is not at all weak considering that he can deal 680 damage per second to a wide area.

Barley Attacks by throwing bottles at enemies, dealing splash damage. A huge barrage of burning bottles with superpower!

Super fires up to five similar bottles that cover a larger area and stay for longer. His health is pretty low, but he has a lot of damage potential.

First accessory : Sticky Liquid , creating a sticky puddle around it, slowing down enemies.

Second accessory: Herbal Tonic , tosses bottles around and heals teammates if they stand over puddles.

First Star Power, Medical Purposes, when he throws his bottle, it heals him slightly, but not with the Super.

Second Star Power Extra Hot, Adds additional damage per second to his main attack.

The Barley and the Wizard skin can be unlocked for free by linking an account to a Supercell ID.

Barley Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Brawl Stars Barley Character

Barley Character Traits and Costumes

Attack: Bottle ;

BHe drops a bottle to the ground and breaks it. Enemies take damage from splashes and take more damage over time if they stay in a puddle.

Super: STen Orders ;

It bursts from fiery bottles that cover a huge area in flames,It throws several bottles of flaming liquid that covers a very large area and does more damage over time. Mechanically very similar to Barley's main attack but lasts 4 seconds; Damage can hit multiple times if the enemy stands above the liquid, and the liquid disappears after a short while. Super takes 1.25 seconds to complete.

Brawl Stars Barley Costumes

  • Gold Barley (30 diamonds)
  • Maple Barley (80 diamonds)
  • Piemaker Barley (150 diamonds)
  • Barley the Wizard
  • Barley the Red Mage (2500 star points)
  • Real Silver Barley (10000 gold)
  • Real Gold Barley (25000 gold)
Barley Brawl Stars Features Costumes
Barley Brawl Stars Costumes

Barley Features

The character with 2400 health points and 680 damage points at the first level may seem weak at first glance, but considering that he can deal 680 damage per second over a wide area, it is not considered weak at all.

However, with 7,33 normal attack range and 9,33 super attack range, the character can attack his enemies from far bushes, and can deal impressive damage with his attacks that regenerate every 2 seconds and recharge 17% super attack energy.

Finally, we recommend that you use the character Barley, who has 10 health points and 3360 attack points at level 952, mostly in Heist Event maps due to its long range and suitability for strategic playstyle.

Level Health
1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 – 10 3360

Barley Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Medical Purposes ;

Gain 400 health per attack.
Each time Barley drops a bottle from his main attack, he gains 400 health. This effect does not apply to his Signature ability.

warrior's 2. star power :  Extra Hot ;

Adds +140 damage per second to Barley's attack.
Barley's main attack's damage is increased by 1092% for a total of 15 damage per second. This effect does not apply to his Signature ability.

Barley Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Sticky Liquid ;

Barley Drops a sticky mixture that leaves a puddle and slows all enemies that come into contact with it. Barley drops a vial of liquid at his feet, which slows down enemies that enter him. The puddle lasts for 4 seconds and slows enemies within a 3,33 square radius.

Warrior's 2st accessory: Herbal Tonic ; 

Barley fires a healing potion at nearby allies that creates a field that heals for 500 health per second. barley, Drops a bottle of fluid that heals 10 health per second at the feet of allies and allies within 500 squares of his current location. Heals himself and all teammates immediately, allowing for a maximum of 2500 health heals per puddle.

barley brawl stars picture
barley brawl stars picture

Barley Tips

  • Dynamics ve Tick Like her, her attacks are dashed, giving her the ability to attack over walls. Attacking from behind walls is a good strategy.
  • Barley's attack makes it possible to deter enemy movement in certain ways. enemies,Diamond CatchTake advantage of this to keep them away from critical areas of the map, such as the mine in .
  • Focus on targeting choke points on the map or where you think the enemies will go. Barley is a very solid Control Warrior as his attack stays on the field.
    If an enemy can't get out of the liquid quickly, Barley's Super can deal more damage. Try to aim the Super to knock it down with the enemy standing in the middle or trapped in a wall; Sticky liquid accessorycan prolong and maximize your damage output.
  • barley ,The cousin, Rosa or Bull It's a threat if paired with a good tank like
  • Auto-aiming with the Barley will usually cause you to miss your shot or only take 1 tick of damage.
  • Because Barley's attacks last two ticks, aiming in front of an enemy where he wants to shoot will either block his movement or cause him to take two hits of damage.
  • Barley is a great Siege Warrior, because he is a control Warrior, he excels at area control. Forces the enemy team's Warriors back with their long attack and Super so their team can take the bolts.
  • Extra Painful star power , causes Barley's attacks to deal more damage. This makes Barley a more aggressive character and very strong behind walls. Since this also affects the poison pool, Barley's area denial becomes more effective. Medical Purposes star power Note that you no longer have the +3 health you gain by quickly draining 1200 shots with
  • Medical Purposes star power more map dependent, best used in game modes where control of the field is more important than defeat. This Diamond Catch, Robbery ve Siege It is included.Medical Purposes increases your survivability, allowing you to keep attacking instead of retreating and giving up ground to heal.
  • Barley's Sticky liquid accessorymay be more useful than one might imagine. War BallIt can be used while defending a target and can prevent tanks from chasing you.

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