VALORANT 2.03 Patch Notes and Updates

VALORANT 2.03 Patch Notes and Updates ;Reyna,Yoru change and weapon changes.

Some of the early speculations about VALORANT Patch 2.03 turned out to be correct. The next update of the game will be released soon, bringing with it a few agents and a few major changes to the weapon, overall quality of life improvements, and a few competitive updates.

VALORANT 2.03 Patch Notes and Updates

Some of the biggest changes include Reyna weakening a bit, Brimstone's Incendiary and Phoenix's Hot Hands each easier to hear; Important updates for Marshal, Stinger and Frenzy, and Escalation will also be streamed live.

You can read the full patch notes for VALORANT Patch 2.03 on the official VALORANT website, but here's an overview of what to expect in the game after the update.

VALORANT 2.03 Patch Notes and Updates
VALORANT 2.03 Patch Notes and Updates

Reyna nerfs and Yoru buff

The maximum charges for both Devour and Dismiss are reduced from the original four to two, and the cost of each charge jumps from 100 to 200 Credits.

Enemies it deals damage and is killed within three seconds, Queen Now drops Spirit Orbs even if he doesn't kill himself.

on the other hand yoruGained some nice buffs with his Gatecrash ability, showing the range where enemies can see the teleport sound or hear the teleport sound displayed on the minimap.

You can now view and see enemies on the minimap while in Dimensional Drift, but you can no longer block them.

Other than that, only Phoenix and Brim had made a change this patch, and the sound of permanent fire abilities was also easier to hear.

Gun prices can hurt

Only three weapons were adjusted in 2.03, but two of them were quite significant.

Marshal now 1.100 instead of 1.000 It costs credits and zoomed movement speed has been increased to 76 percent of normal speed instead of the previous 90 percent. This should increase the weapon's handling rate, along with 3,5x the zoom ratio.

By the way, Stinger's price To 1.100 rose and received some general debuffs, such as reducing the auto-fire rate from 18 to 16 and using only four rounds instead of six for maximum spread. Frenzy also got a price increase, now sitting at 400 Credits instead of 500.

competitive quality

Any player who goes AFK in competitive play for six or more matches will now be penalized and lose eight rank points, Law Ranking Badges will now count your highest rank gain, not your ninth best win.

As for quality of life changes, sprays will now be removed from the map at the start of each new round. There are also new timing and camera movement improvements for the game's death sequence that soften camera usage while watching after dying in a game and increase time spent on the death screen.


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