12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021

12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021 ; After the frenzied success of Fall Guys, another game has become the talk of the town. Yes, we are talking about Among Us, which surpassed Fall Guys and became the most watched game in the last quarter. That's not all. According to Sensor Tower Among Us , both Play Storein both App StoreIt rose to number one among the most downloaded games in . well Among Us If you enjoyed playing and looking for more games of this genre, then you've come to the right place. Here, We've compiled 12 of the best games with a similar social inference theme like Among Us. So without delay let's move on and Let's find the best alternatives Among Us.

12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021

12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021
12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021

Best alternatives Among Us


The reason why I put Deceit at the top, despite having slightly different gameplay, is because its theme – trust and deception – is very similar to Among Us's approach to social inference. Just like Among Us, in Deceit you are tasked with finding innocent players, building trust and still surviving.

Best alternatives Among Us : Deceit
Best alternatives Among Us : Deceit

Deceit is also a multiplayer game and features a first-person shooter, but doesn't have a local game option like Among Us. Here you wake up in a filthy mental hospital with five other unknown players. 2 players out of all players are infected with a deadly virus and they want to sabotage and kill innocent players.

On the other hand, you should form an alliance with other players based only on your instinct. Be careful, your friend may become infected player and you may die. All in all, Deceit is a fast-paced action-packed FPS game where both betrayal, suspicion and trust keep you on your toes. PC'If you are looking for a game like Among Us, I can say that Deceit offers you the best gaming experience.


The best game of trust and deception
Total of 6 players in a team
Fast and action-packed


Limited to PC
Download: Download Steam (Free)

2. Project Winter

Project Winter is another game between us, built on betrayal, trust and survival. As in Among Us, the crew offers their friends to complete certain missions, where you need to gather resources, repair structures and complete a series of missions to strengthen your power.

Best alternatives Among Us :Project Winter
Best alternatives Among Us :Project Winter

However, keep in mind that there are traitors who infiltrate your group and can gain your trust to sabotage your group. Traitors can spread lies about your teammates and turn the survivors against each other. Basically, in terms of theme, Project Winter looks like a solid alternative to Among Us.

Apart from that, unlike Aong Us where you only get text chat option, here you can communicate via voice chat with near location support. Not to mention, Project Winter is an 8-player multiplayer game, so this is great. To sum it up, if you want to play a game with social deception and survival like Among Us, Project Winter is a decent choice.


Defend, survive and find the traitor
Proximity-assisted voice chat
8 player multiplayer game
excellent visuals


The player base is relatively smaller than us
Download: Download Steam ($19)

3.Town of Salem

Town of Salem is one of the best among Us alternatives on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The game is also one of the oldest social inference strategy games with a player base of over 8 million users. While it allows you to play with 4 to 10 people in a multiplayer game like Among Us, Town of Salem offers a maximum of 15 players which makes the game even more attractive.

Image result for Town of Salem

There isn't a long list of characters like Among Us, and while roles are randomly assigned, Town of Salem lets you choose your favorite role from 33 different characters. You really enjoy the game of trust and betrayal, as the game is much larger in terms of vision and scope. Just like Among Us, you can be a Town member (good guy), Mafia, Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Neutral.

As a town member, you have to protect other good guys in your city, but you don't know the secret role behind a player. Players can eventually become a mob or serial killer and kill you. Simply put, Town of Salem is a bigger version of Among Us, and I'm sure you'll love this social inference game.


Choose your role
more than 33 characters
Trust and betrayal
large community


In-game control could be better

Download: Website, Google Play Store Download, Download App Store(Free, offers in-app purchases), Download Steam(4,99 $)

4. Betrayal.io

If you are looking for a game that can be played on any platform such as Among Us Betrayal.io what you need. The game is available in the web browser and can be played on both desktop and smartphones. Apart from the web, there is also a newly released Android app. According to the developer, the app for iOS will be released soon.

Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play

Now if we talk about the game, Betrayal.io is based on the same concept as Among Us, but it is much more difficult to play. Here you can play together on a team and find betrayal, or become a traitor and fool your own teammates. There are missions to complete, and similar to Amogn Us, you can hold a meeting to vote on your enemies. In conclusion, I can say that Betrayal.io is a great new social inference game and also a worthy alternative to the easily accessible Among Us.


play on the web
Supports online multiplayer
Supports party room with friends


Slightly buggy as in alpha phase

Download: Website(Free), Google Play Store Download (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is not just a survival-villain game like Among Us, but here you will experience various gameplay elements. The game allows you to gather resources and protect your village from evil forces. But there is a problem. There are liars in your own village who are planning to destroy your team and the village.

Image result for Werewolf Online

Amid suspicion and deception, you must find liars among your ranks and save your village. You can have up to 16 players in a multiplayer game which is great. Other than that, there are multiple villages and teams in a single game.

The last team to beat all the villains wins the round. Simply put, if you want to enjoy survival, deathmatch and finally cheating, Werewolf Online is among the best alternatives among Us on Android and iOS.


Gather resources and defend your village
16 player game
Survival and deception
good graphics


Ad loaded

Download: Google Play Store Download,Download App Store (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is among the few games available on the Xbox console, such as Among Us. Many gamers want Among us ports on Xbox and PS4, but due to its unique gameplay, developers have so far avoided bringing such games to game consoles. However, if you want to play something very similar to Among Us on Xbox, Secret Neighbor won't disappoint.

Image result for Secret Neighbor

The game follows six characters sneaking into the neighbor's house, but sees that one of the six players is the neighbor in disguise. He mingles with the rest of the team and gains their trust. As the game progresses, the neighbor must trap other players and lead them away from the locked basement door.

The game gets really exciting as members start to disappear, and then chaos ensues among other teammates. And then an investigation is launched to find the traitor within the group. Secret Neighbor garnered a huge audience for its outstanding gameplay, and if you like playing cheating games like Among Us, you should give it a shot.


The best social inference game for Xbox
hidden role
Good story
Excellent graphic quality


No new entities
Download:Steam ($ 19.99), Download Microsoft Store (19.99 $)

7. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is one of the best party games that is very similar to Among Us but can only be played in a local multiplayer setup. The game can only be played in a group of 2 or 4 people. As for the gameplay, you have to complete the missions without drawing your attention to yourself. Here, you must mingle with a crowd of AI characters and complete quests. However, you must eliminate members from the crowd without being seen by other players.

6. Hidden in Plain Sight

There are other game modes such as Death Race and Elimination where you are placed in a contradictory position and need to save yourself from attention. To sum it up, if you want to play another game like Among Us on your desktop, having Plain in Plain Sight is highly recommended.


Can be played offline
Death Race and Elimination modes
One of the best party games
easy to play


No single player mode
Requires game controller

Download: Steam(5,99 $)

8. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a social inference VR game like Among Us and is also available on PS4. It hasn't received a positive response from the gaming community, but lately many have been returning to the Werewolves Within for its unique gameplay. You can play in a team of 5 to 8 players and everyone is assigned a secret role.

Image result for Werewolves Within

The game is pretty fast paced and throws you into a mix of being both a good guy and a villain. The game takes place in Gallowston, a medieval village where werewolves raged. You and your teammates will be transported to the middle ages to save the townspeople.

In one game, you can be a villager trying to save innocent people, and on the other hand, you can turn into a spinner. The trick is to find that hidden werewolf and eliminate the player to win the game. Simply put, Werewolves Within is a solid social inference game as well as Among Us, and if you enjoy playing VR games on PS4, this is the game for you.


The Best Alternative Among Us for PS4
VR game
Set in a medieval village
Find the werewolf and save your village


The player base is small
Compatibility: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, PlayStation VR

Download: Download Steam ($19)

9. Unfortunate Spacemen

As in Among Us, which is based on a spaceship, Unfortunate Spacemen brings the same theme of murder and betrayal to an extraterrestrial dimension. Death is a part of space life and every spaceman tries to save himself from death. You can play with up to 16 players in one game and complete challenging missions to escape from monsters roaming in space.

Image result for Unfortunate Spacemen


You can lurk around, hide, and even eavesdrop on other players to hunt down. There are many modes in the game, such as the Story Mode, where you have to fight the Crumerian bug swarm; then you have the Survival mode where you fight lots of enemies and more.

The best thing about Unfortunate Spacemen is that unlike Among Us, you can voice chat with other players here which is great. No need to use Discord in the background. So all I'm going to say is, if you want another game set in space like Between Us, Unfortunate Spacemen won't disappoint.



Based on a spaceship
Murder and betrayal theme
Multiple game modes
Voice chat support


The game is running slow.

Download: Download Steam (Free)

10. Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board is another online multiplayer game that is quite similar to games like Among Us. You can have a team of 6 players, of which 2 will be crew members and 8 will be selected as Alien fraudsters. And here too, the team members must find the crooks and kill them to win the round.

However, Alien rogues easily mingle with crew members, which makes them difficult to hunt. Things get worse when the spaceship's generators are destroyed to stop communication between crew members.

Image result for Enemy on Board

And that's when the crew members start to become suspicious of each other - all the while fixing the generators to keep communication alive. I can say that Enemy on Board is an excellent alternative to Among Us, both visually and in terms of gameplay, and you should definitely give it a try.


8 player team
Find the impostors and kill them
Keep communication alive
good visual quality


Voice chat is faulty.

Download: Steam (Free)

11. Triple Agent

So you like the tricky tactics in Among Us? You can play Triple Agent on your Android or iOS device for a similar experience. The game is full of bluff, hidden identities, betrayal and social implications. The best part of this game is that it can only be played on one device and has up to 9 players. Each game session is 10 minutes long, with players assigned secret roles.

Image result for Triple Agent

One of them could be Service agent or Virus dual agent. As you enter your selection, you must arouse suspicion among the players and reveal suspicious information to hide your identity. At the end of the game, each player votes and finds the traitor. While the game isn't quite as exciting as Among Us, it brings with it elements of deception and interruption. I say go ahead and give it a try.


Secret identity contact and deception
Play on one device
High quality images


No online mode

Download:Google Play Store Download / Download App Store (Free, offers in-app purchases)

12. Undercover ^^

Undercover is our last game on this list that brings the element of hidden identity from Among Us in a simpler way. You only need a smartphone and 3 or more people to play a local multiplayer game. Basically, Undercover is a great choice if you want to get everyone involved in a fun game of social inference. The game is about finding the identities of other players as quickly as possible and eliminating them before they reach you.

Image result for Undercover ^^ game

Each player is given a role where you can be civilian, undercover or Mr. White. You must complete the quests and in the meantime give other users a clue about the possible traitor. The game gets really interesting as the group gets smaller as to who Mr. White is. If you want to play a simple cheating game, Undercover is a good choice.


manipulate and deceive
Role assigned game
Play with your friends and family


Requires 3 players
Multiplayer mode looks wrong

Download:Google Play Store Download / Download App Store (Free, offers in-app purchases)


12 Best Games Like Among Us 2021

Here are our picks for the list of best alternatives Among Us. As you peruse the list, it's clear that social inference as a genre is fairly new and not many games have been developed around this theme.

However, things seem to be changing now after the success of Among Us. We hope to see more survivor-villain games for multiple platforms, including consoles, in the coming days. Anyway, all of us. If you found the list useful, you can share it with your friends 🙂


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