How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

valheim How to Survive in the Plains Biome? ; The Plains biome can be a challenge, but sticking to these helpful tips will ensure your survival.

The Lowland Biome It is currently the most dangerous Biome in the game. Players will need a proper strategy before trying to survive on the treacherous Plains.

Before proceeding with this step, players should try their luck on other Biomes first. In any new Biome, preparation is key. To survive, players will first need to create a covered farm and a protected base.

How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

Basic Needs

How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

Survivors will need an advanced base to have the best chance of success on the Plains.

A viable foundation will need a few features.

-First, it will need a protective wall to fend off enemies. The higher and more developed the wall, the better.

-Secondly, players will need a closed building for sleeping and storage. The design of the building is not so important as long as it is closed and has enough space for the residents.

-Third, players will need a protected farm planted with both flax and barley. Barley is used to create flour to give players much more recipe options. Likewise, flax is used to create linen thread, an essential material for processing various products.

To craft materials and make armor, players will need a spinning wheel, a forge, and a smelter. The survivors will use the spinning wheel to turn the barley into flour. The smelter will convert the iron ore into iron and the forge will be used to make weapons. Each of these requirements will require a few materials to build, but all are easily usable by players in the Biome.

Enemies in the Biome

How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

Across the biome are a number of Fuling camps. Fuling often travels in groups and players need to be prepared to interact with them.

It's always a good idea to have a teammate while exploring the biome.. While roaming the map, players must keep their health and stamina bars visible at all times.

-Larger Fuling enemies are big and pack punches, but survivors can use a bow to knock them out of range. —-Great Fuling is slow and players can use dexterity to avoid attacks. Shamans pose a greater threat as they can protect other Fuling.

-Protected Fuling are not smart enemies, especially for attacking in groups.

Players also need to search for Deathsquitos found in the Biome. Enemies are enraged, but they can still do significant damage. Players who see them from afar can kill them with a few well-placed arrows. If a Deathsquito is close, players must use their shields to block and counter attacks. Deathsquitos will attack predictably, and players should be able to counter each attack and take them down. The plains will become more dangerous at night, which is an important point to keep in mind. More enemies will roam in areas outside each camp and more Deathsquitos can be spotted.

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Armor and Weapons

How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

While no special weapons or armor are required for survival, there are a few items that can be useful. If possible, players should make needle arrows with good piercing and knockback stats. Additionally, the Porcupine mace is a great one-handed weapon to use against powerful enemies. Players will likely want a shield to fend off the annoying Deathsquito.

Survivors will be able to craft the Lox cloak while in the Plains. Lox is a new species added to the Biome that provides the hide needed to craft the cloak. Players will need thick cloaks to survive the cold nights in the Biome. Lox will also provide premium meat that can be used with barley to create new recipes.

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Production and Preparation

How to Survive in the Valheim Plains Biome

Players will notice that enemies in the Plains will throw scraps of black metal. These scraps can be used to upgrade black metal items. Blackmetal atgeir, ax and knife survivors now have one to emulate. Players entering the biome must have at least a black metal shield. The next advancement in armor is padded armor. Players must harvest flax and Iron to craft each piece of gear. Players must have flax ready for harvest at their base. Players will also need to harvest silver to craft one of the available cloaks.

Before setting foot on the plains, players must fill their inventory with as many potions as possible. Every survivor must farm to obtain the padded armor and other items mentioned in this article. With the following class, players will master Plains:

  • Padded Cuirass
  • Padded Greaves
  • Padded Helmet
  • Lox Cloak
  • Black Metal Shield
  • Hedgehog or Black Metal weapon

Included in the methods and tips in this article, the survivors prepare to set foot on the plains and continue their advance in Valheim.


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