Valheim Best War Weapons

Valheim Best War Weapons ; Valheim Best Weapons You can find all the weapons you can craft in Valheim and how to use them in our article...

Looking for a guide on warfare and weapons in Valheim? You were taken to Valheim by the winged Valkyries and are now tasked with surviving the Scandinavian wilderness – to face green dwarfs, giant trolls and dangerous rolling logs.

Once you've crafted your first tools in a Valheim workbench and ventured into the wider world, you'll find plenty of resources and all kinds of dangerous enemies guarding them. There are several types of weapons you can craft – daggers, swords, axes, maces, and more – and each is effective against different types of enemies. Blind weapons like sticks are great against skeletons; Cutting them with a sword won't do much. You can tell how effective your weapons are by the color of the damage you inflict; gray means they are resistant and yellow means the attack is super effective.

The body part where you shoot your enemy is also important - so be careful with your aim. For most weapons, a series of left-clicks executes a standard attack combo, your middle mouse button executes your secondary attack, and right-click blocks – this is crucial. If you block at the perfect moment, you get a parry; confuse the enemy for you to strike a critical hit.

To begin with, you can craft weapons using only stone, but as you progress through the game, as you discover new materials and upgrade your workbench, you unlock enhanced versions of each weapon – flint, copper and bronze, iron, silver, and then black metal.

You will also unlock special weapon recipes after collecting rare resources in the game. As Valheim is still in early access, these weapons are subject to regulation in the future, but we'll be sure to keep this guide updated with the latest discoveries.

Valheim Best War Weapons

Here are all the weapons you can craft in Valheim:

Valheim Best War Weapons
Valheim Best War Weapons


Swords are one-handed and deal a lot of damage. Your secondary attack with the sword will stun enemies.


Knives or daggers are the lightest weapons available, with the lowest durability cost per swing. They don't slow you down while running either, so they're great for a highly dynamic fighting style. However, they do not hold up very well while parrying as they have a low block power and parry power.

Hint: Fermented mead made from honey can restore your health and stamina mid-fight, or provide crucial situational resistance to frost or poison.

Most importantly, if you attack an enemy with a dagger while you're undetected, you'll deal 10x more stealth attack damage.


  • The Abyssal Razor is unlocked by mining Chitin from the Abyssal Barnacles in Kraken. To do this, you need a level 4 workbench, Fine Wood x4, Chitin x20 and Leather Scrap x2.

A woman holding a hammer and shield outside the steps of her home


VALHEIM GÜRZ/ Stick / Hammer

These blunt weapons deal bonus incremental damage after successfully parrying an enemy hit. They also deal additional damage to skeletons.


  • stagbreaker, It is a massive two-handed hammer that deals AoE damage – widely considered the best Valheim weapon in the early game. You can get it after upgrading to a level 2 workbench and is crafted from Core Wood x20, Deer Trophy x5, and Leather Scraps x2.
  • Frostner, An even more powerful two-handed silver hammer that deals blind, frost, and soul damage. Requires bench level 3 and Ancient Bark x10, Silver x30, Ymir Flesh x5 and Freeze Cloth x5. Freezing Cloths are obtained from Drakes in the mountains.
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  • Kirpi – this one-handed deadly mace deals blind and piercing damage. Once you obtain a Linen Thread, it is unlocked and can be crafted at level 4 Forge.

A warrior sprinting through a field holding an ax and shield in Valheim


Axes do very serious damage and are strong against clusters and trees. Swinging speeds and closures take longer than swords. After discovering the iron, you can craft a two-handed battle ax with a wide range of combinations to take down groups of enemies.

A Viking warrior in Valheim raises their harpoon, preparing to throw it off the side of a longboat


Spears do piercing damage which is good against trolls. You can launch using the middle mouse button; The standard attack is a simple punch with a shorter attack range than an ax.


  • Abyssal Harpoon. It can be unlocked in ocean biomes by extracting Chitin from the Abyssal Barnacle from Kraken. It can then be crafted in any level 8 workbench from Fine Wood x30, Chitin x3 and Leather Scraps x4.


  • Atgeir actually an ax on a stick – cool. Deals piercing damage similar to spears, but has better range than spears. His special attack deals a large arc of AoE fall damage around the player, but consumes significant stamina.

A character in Valheim with a glowing blue bow, standing on a snowy mountain top


springs, It's great for flying enemies around, and also arrows deal penetrating damage with additional damage types depending on the arrows you equip. To make a bow in Valheim you need 10 wood and 8 leather pieces; this will make a Crude Bow that you can upgrade to a Finewood Bow when you find Fine Wood – a significant upgrade. Once you get Iron, you can craft the Hunter's Bow and the Draugr Fang, the best Valheim Bow, apply poison and require silver – and something called “guck” you can find in the swamp. Beautiful.

Here are all the Valheim arrows you can craft:

  • Wooden Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • lighter headed arrow
  • bronzehead arrow
  • iron headed arrow
  • Silver Arrow
  • obsidian arrow
  • poison arrow
  • Don read
  • needle arrow

That's all we know about Valheim weapons so far - but if your swords and axes don't quite cut it, you can try leak grenades made from leaks in the swamp to repel your enemies; You will need 10 Ooze, 5 Leather Scraps and 3 Resin. Build a Valheim base worthy of storing all those treasures with our Valheim building guide as you delve deep into Valheim and slay Valheim bosses to honor Odin in battle. If you're looking for furry friends to roam around and adventure with, our Valheim taming guide will guide you in making friends with a variety of Valheim wildlife.

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