Valheim Ocean Biome Guide

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide ; ocean biome, valheimIt's one of the rarest in ', but still contains treasures and dangers.

valheim it's all about exploration and survival, but it wouldn't be a very good Viking game without boarding a longship and sailing on open waters.

Take advantage of the local knowledge by visiting our ocean biomes, Pisces, Leviathans ve Sea Snakes It is largely uninhabited. However, the developers Viking They announced their plans to expand this biome, which is fundamental to its culture. Request in the ocean biome Here's our guide to what you can expect to find right now.

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide

Valheim Ocean Biome – Resources

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide
Valheim Ocean Biome Guide

The fish

The fishis a vital source of nutrients, the main ingredient in some of the more nutritious meals available in the game. It is possible to catch them by hand if you enter the shallows and wait patiently. Next, align the cursor over an unsuspecting fish and "TO" Click .

If patience is not one of your virtues, black Forestmerchant in Haldor you can call and Fishing rod ve Yem you can buy it.

Broadcast the line by clicking and holding the left mouse button. For a longer use, you just have to hold the button down longer, but shaking it reduces the durability in a flash, so shorter shots are usually better.

It still takes some patience to wait for the bait to attach, but when you see the bait drop below the surface, right-click to set the hook, then right-click again and hold to wind up when you see the bait. The text “Connected” appears on the screen.


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Valheim Leviathans actually chitin They are living islands covered with mussels that you can mine for. Every time you remove this docile creature's back, it has a chance to retreat.10%'Stop.

The sound of retreat will be heard with a howl (rightly when you drive a pickaxe on its back) that you have about twenty seconds to land before it throws you overboard.

Valheim Ocean Biome – Threats

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide

Sea Snakes

Valheim Sea Snakes, which you will encounter while sailing the seas right now is the only threat. These giant snakes attached to the water can make both players and boats feral, so it's best to spawn them wide if possible. Fortunately they are susceptible to frost damage so it shouldn't be too hard to hack someone from afar with large amounts of Ice Arrows.

Defeating one will earn you Snake Meat, Stamps, and a trophy. While scales can be used in Serpent Scale Shield, Serpent Meat is a rich source of nutrients and you can roast it and then cook it in Serpent Stew.

Details of the Open Water Biome

Valheim Ocean Biome Guide
Valheim Ocean Biome Guide

Boat Accidents

boats, With their sails down they can capsize, sailing directly into the wind, so always pay attention to which way the wind is blowing. You can check this with a compass-like tool that appears in the corner of the screen.

Boats can also capsize by running against rocks or shallow areas or when a brutal force hits them from their side (such as a Sea Snake). Rugged waves during a storm are usually not enough to overturn a boat, but they can make ships more susceptible to these other obstacles.

What Happens to All the Loot?

Snakes killed (and possibly any new creatures to come) and any of the boats you manage to sink in the open sea will continue to drop loot. These materials will either sink to the ocean floor, become inaccessible, or float reversibly on the water surface. This depends on the weight of the loot in question. For example, wood will float, as will the rewards from your kill. However, materials such as animal hides, coins or bronze nails removed from the shipwreck will sink.

As a result, it's pretty easy to determine what goes missing in Davy Jones' Locker and what items you can recover. The only floating object that is downright illogical is your floating tombstone if you die at sea. But consider, at developer's mercy, that it would be downright infuriating to lose all of your inventory just because you stumbled across the sea rather than on land. Likewise, your ship's inventory will be securely stored in a floating chest next to your tombstone if you meet a watery end.


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