What is Supercell Make? How to make Supercell Make Costume?(400.000 TL!!!)

SuperCell Make, created by SuperCell company a content creation platformStop. Well what does it mean ? When you think of a content creation platform, you may think of platforms such as youtube and instagram, but SuperCell Make is more of a design-based platform. On this site, there are design files of Clash of Royale and Brawl Stars characters and you can download these files to your computer and use them. you can create new costumes. From the costumes you created  It is possible to win $50,000 (approximately 400.000 TL)! The idea of ​​having a Brawl Stars character just for you is so much fun! So how to make a SuperCell Make costume? Read on for the answer to this question…

Besides the fun, SuperCell rewards creative players very generously. March 22, 2021 A new contest announced on The content of the competition is “Nita's Summer Party”. If you are a Brawl Stars lover, if you trust your imagination and design skills, we strongly recommend you to participate in this competition. The designers participating in the competition will design a summer-themed costume for Nita. The highest rated Skin by players will be added to Brawl Stars game! Also, the winner will receive a portion of the proceeds from costume sales! Maximum earning money $ 50,000 specified as.

What is SuperCell Make?

SuperCellMake A place to vote, create and share community-created content for Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans for a chance to be added to the game! It is a platform that allows other players to see the Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans costumes you have created by showing your design skills. In addition, if you participate in the competitions and win, you can earn serious income. 

In the competitions held so far, Bo, Bee, Bibi and Gale have received new costumes created by the players. We can say that these costumes are both very high quality and the players who designed them became rich by contributing to the game they love.

Finally, a costume contest has been announced for Nita. You can review the costumes created for Nita by going to the SuperCell Make site and give them points. You decide which costume to add to the game!

If you are a good designer, you should definitely participate in this competition with a prize of 400.000 TL. After you understand the logic of the business, you can create an unlimited number of Nita costumes and participate in the competition by using the most beautiful one.

supercell make skin
A costume made via Supercell Make

How to Make SuperCell Make Costume?

The prize of 400.000 TL is very attractive… So how can you make a costume for SuperCell Make? First of all, I must say that although it may seem difficult to create a costume, it is actually not that difficult. 3D modeled versions of the characters are already available in SuperCell Make. You can download these files to your computer and play with them. To play, you need to install a computer program called Unity.

Many tutorial videos about Unity application are available on Youtube. In addition, you do not need to learn the Unity program in detail. Unity is actually a very detailed advanced program used in the design of many games, but since you will make changes from an existing model (the character model files you downloaded from SuperCell Make), you will not need an overly detailed Unity knowledge.

"ALIHAN HASNALBANT" has prepared a very nice video on the subject, you can watch it below;


The best Brawl Stars SuperCell Make Costumes

Brawl Stars characters have colorful personalities, and of course, gamers with a designer spirit have created wonderful character skins using the energy of this colorful world. The costumes that were published in SuperCell Make and received very high ratings are as follows;

brawl stars supercell make

Bibi the Clown (the clown) is a really successful production. Even though clowns are fun figures, Bibi looks really crazy and it's really scary...

Another costume came from Sukata, who pushed the limits of his imagination. Our old red-nosed grandfather turned Gale into a turkey! We found it very creative and entertaining.

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brawl stars supercell make

Bo, Bo, Bo, no matter how serious and proud fighter he is, the players never stop creating funny content about him, maybe when they love him very much. Two different costumes made for Bo received very high votes as a result of the SuperCell Make votes. The first of these is Bunny Bo (Rabbit Bo), as we have just mentioned, the actors enjoy playing with Bo very much 🙂 We also found this costume very entertaining and funny. According to the design content, Bo shoots exploding Carrots instead of arrows in this costume!

Another Bo costume is really worthy of Bo. Scandinavia's fearless battles Inspired by the Vikings, this costume also strikes fear into Bo enemies. Hail to Ragnar Lothbrok from here...

SuperCell Make Costume Contest

The Super Cell Make costume contest is held periodically. In the competitions held so far Bo, Bee, Bibi and Gale got new costumes created by the players. These costumes are both very high quality and the players who designed them, by contributing to the game they love. got rich we can say.

March 21, 2021 announced on Summer Themed costume contest for Nita, the last of these competitions. A prize of approximately 400.000 TL awaits the designer who comes first at the end of the competition.

The stages of the Nita Costume Contest are as follows;

  • Competition Announcement – March 21, 2021
  • Costume Application Getting Started – March 29, 2021
  • Voting Start – April 10 2021
  • Costume Application End – April 19 2021
  • Voting End – April 26 2021
  • Winner Announcement – April 30 2021



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