How to Pass Loop Hero Chapter 2

How to Pass Loop Hero Chapter 2 ;The second part of Loop Hero is the first big hurdle players will face, but anyone can overcome it with this guide.

Loop hero, the latest hit in the trend of indie roguelike games. loyal to one's kind Loop herois a game that teaches players how to improve by getting them to die a lot.

How to Pass Loop Hero Chapter 2

In the first part of the game, players are likely to become addicted to the torment and sense of accomplishment in overcoming a tough challenge. For players who persistently clear their opening levels completely, Loop Hero Part 2 it will certainly be a lesson in the importance of knowledge and preparation.

Really, Loop heroSuccess depends on preparation more than anything else. Tackling the challenging second part of the game requires an investment of time spent developing the base camp and learning which cards and features to use during an expedition. That's not to mention the mighty boss waiting at the end of the episode. Loop heroSome clever tactics will be required to take this further in .

Making the Most of Base Camp

Loop heroThe campsite in is the player's permanent source of upgrades. Although everything made during an expedition is lost on death or retreat, the player will not lose each visit. Loop hero As long as they manage to add something to their camp, they can feel a solid sense of progress. Certain upgrades definitely need to be done to clean up Chapter 2.

Gymnasium and Supply Depot are indispensable. Gymnasium unlocks features during explorations, useful abilities that players won't want to do without.

The Supply Depot unlocks the Supply menu where the player can place unique items found during expeditions for permanent power-ups. Loop Hero Part 2  Anyone struggling to advance in .

Finally, it is highly recommended for the player to build a Crypt at the campsite. Loop Hero Part 2 The Necromancer class is highly recommended for defeating its boss. Once the crypt is in place, the Necromancer class is unlocked and the player is ready to make a bold attempt to defeat the division.

Using Cards and Features

Loop Hero Part 2

While it may be tempting to lay down any card that comes into your hand immediately, it's best to keep some cards in your hand and even let them be discarded. Rocks are typically not as useful as Mountains, and playing too many enemy spawn cards can quickly become overwhelming before the hero is equipped with worthy gear. Some useful cards that players may want to spend time unlocking from camp They are powerful Gold cards like Rivers, Forests and Arsenal.

As for the features, department bossIt would be wise to collect as many as four or five useful features before challenging it. Village cards By placing it, attributes can be gained faster, giving the hero a quest that gives experience with each pass. Next to a Village Vampire Mansion placing it will eventually provide even more rewarding tasks, but at great risk. Loop Hero Part 2 For gamers who choose to take the advice of using the Necromancer class for .

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Chapter 2 How to Defeat the Boss

Player Loop Hero Part 2  If he lives long enough to fill the boss gauge in nun bossencounters it. This can be a very difficult encounter for a hero who is not properly prepared. The Priestess is surrounded by up to five windows that have a chance to block the player's attacks, and an Angel that performs several powerful attacks before disappearing. Replaces a broken window instead of attacking the Priestess every 2nd turn.

With the defense windows constantly respawning and powerful Angels raining devastating attacks on the hero, it makes sense that the best way to win is to unleash a quick flurry of attacks that can somehow destroy the windows and damage the Priestess more quickly. windows can be rebuilt. This is where the Necromancer class shines.

With multiple skeleton families launching attacks on the boss, their windows will have little chance of causing trouble. If the player manages to get the "Edge of Impossible" feature during exploration, they will have even more skeletons and a greater chance for victory.


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