Hades: How to Fish | How to Obtain Fishing Rod?

Hades: How to Fish , How to Obtain Fishing Rod in Hades? Where to Fish in Hades , All Fishing Rewards in Hades , ;in Hades Learn exactly how to fish and all the great rewards Zagreus can reap from participating in a small Underworld angling.

The fish hunt is a hot trend in video games right now so indie roguelike of Hades It's a little surprising that it includes this feature. Fishing This is not just because it can bring incredible rewards to players. of Zagreus It's not a way to randomly pass the time between battles between coming to the surface.

Bu awards, By filling out Codex entries, he can facilitate future runs, mark prophecies, and satisfy completers. Fishing It's certainly a worthwhile transition time in Xbox Series X's top-rated game, but there are a few steps gamers need to take before they can start reaping the benefits.

How to Obtain Fishing Rod in Hades?

Hades: How to Fish
Hades: How to Fish

of the players Hadesin fishing The first step they need to take for Fishing rod is to buy.

It ends here every time Zagreus dies. The contractor is located to the right of Hades and will appear after two tries.

Zagreus will need to exchange 1 Diamond for the bar.

However, before Fishing Rod can be purchased, players must first complete three requirements:

  • Reach the Shrine of Styx at least once
  • Buy the Tartarus Fountain Room from a Homebuilder
  • Buy Little Prophecies Fate List from Home Builder

The Tartarus Fountain Room is free, but the Fate Minor Prophecies List costs 20 Gems. The Shrine of Styx area is unlocked after the third boss is defeated and before reaching the final boss in Hades.

Where to Fish in Hades

Fishing points are found in every aspect of the title developed by Supergiant Games, but they have very specific requirements for spawning. They will only appear in Zagreus after purchasing the Fishing Rod, and players will know they are in a fishing room when a bell-like chime sounds after all the enemies in that room have been defeated. The specific point is found by its brightness in water/lava.

The room reward must be claimed for the place to appear. They can also be found in Charon's shop and in rooms with Eurydice or Patroclus.

Each area has a percentage chance of creating a fishing spot. When one appears and players are done with it, they must also clear a certain number of rooms before another chance to spawn is activated. The table below details the probability of a fishing spot appearing in each area:

Hades: How to Fish

Hades: How to Fish
Hades: How to Fish

The best-reviewed Steam game of 2020 has enough fishing spots. When one appears, all players have to do is press the interaction button. Be careful with the hook as it will be completely submerged when a fish bites it. Press the interaction button again to catch a fish.

The type and rarity of the fish depend on what region Zagreus is in and how long it takes to catch the fish. 0,34% chance for a Legendary to spawn if caught in under 50 seconds. Another 50% chance gives Rare.

Catching one before 0,68 seconds will spawn Rare or Common with a 50/50 chance. Pressing the button at any time after that will not spawn fish.

All Fishing Rewards in Hades

GameWhen the Custodians return to the House of Hades, they must bring their fish to the Head Chef of Hades in the kitchen to receive various excellent perks. Each fish gives a different reward and each area has a different set of fish.

All Tartarus Fish and Rewards

  • Hellfish (Common) – Rewards 5 Gems
  • Knucklehead (Rare) – Rewards 20 Gems
  • Scyllascion (Legendary) – Rewards 30 Gems

All Asphodel Fish and Awards

  • Slavug (Common) – Rewards 1 Chthonic Key
  • Chrustacean (Rare) – Rewards 3 Chthonic Keys
  • Flameater (Legendary) – Rewards 5 Chthonic Keys

All Elysium Fish and Rewards

  • Chlam (Common) – Rewards 1 Nectar
  • Charp (Rare) – Rewards 2 Nectars
  • Seamare (Legendary) – Rewards 3 Nectar

All Chaos Fish and Rewards

  • Mati (Common) – Rewards 100 Darkness
  • Projelly (Rare) – 250 Darkness Rewards
  • Voidskate (Legendary) Reward 500 Darkness

All Styx Fish Temple and Rewards

  • Gupp (Common) – Rewards 20 Gems
  • Scuffer (Rare) – Rewards 40 Gems
  • Stonewhal (Legendary) – Rewards 150 Gems

All Fish of Greece and Awards

  • Trout (Common) – 1 Diamond Rewards
  • Bass (Rare) – Reward 1 Ambrosia
  • Sturgeon (Legendary) 1 Titan Blood