Skyrim: How to Rename Your Horse | Buy Horse Armor?

Skyrim: How to Change Your Horse's Name? | Where to Buy Horse Armor? , How do you name your horse? ; Horse Armor may be a familiar sight to Elder Scrolls veterans, but naming an ancestor is a new feature available in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim In the Anniversary Edition, various new mounts and your horse customization There are many horse related Creations that add paths. There are very few named mounts in Vanilla Skyrim, and one customize the horse's appearance There are even fewer ways.

While they're clearly a nod to the very ill-fated Horse Armor DLC for Oblivion, two Horse Armor Creations can make a player's horse more resilient – ​​plus, the creation is permanently free even without the Anniversary Edition. In addition, Wild Horses Creation not only adds new mount options, but also gives players rename your horses gives limited ability.

Skyrim: How to Rename Your Horse

Renaming a horse is a simple process, but not as customizable as one would like. To rename a horse in Skyrim, go to a barn master and scroll through their dialog to find the option “I want to register and rename my horse”. Click this and the stablemaster will give your current mount a name chosen from a list of around 30 options.

Although there is now a system for naming a horse, the player has no direct control over what name is given. It costs nothing to change a horse's name though, so although players can't give their horses a specific name, it can be re-registered over and over until one sticks.

Skyrim: Buy Horse Armor?

In Anniversary Edition Elven Horse Armor ve Steel Horse Armor two types of packages Horse Armor Creation is found. These Horse Armors are direct references to the Oblivion DLC of the same name, but they're significantly cheaper in the grand scheme of things.

Bu Horse Armor Any of the options can be purchased from a barn master or a blacksmith, but players cannot craft a set on their own. Talk to a barn master or blacksmith and say “I want to armor my horseSelect ”. This transaction costs 500 Gold from both sellers and is applied immediately. Players can change their armor by talking to one of these vendors and choosing the other option that puts the currently equipped Horse Armor in storage. Once both are purchased, it costs nothing to refit the horse with either set.



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