Lost Ark: Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark: Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seed Locations; There are a total of 12 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Stormcry Grotto dungeon and this article will help players collect them all.

Lost Arkmany in Mokoko SeedsWhile it is very easy to find , this is certainly not the case with all of them. For example, Stormcry Grotto A series that is sure to cause trouble for some players in the dungeon Seed has. For fans struggling to collect all the Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, this guide is here to help.

Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seeds A very important thing to know about the dungeon is that the last three become accessible only after all the bats and slimes in the dungeon have been eliminated. This is the players Lost Ark It means they have to be extremely meticulous as they progress through the dungeon, as these mobs are very easy to overlook. When a fan reaches the end Mokoko SeedsIf it finds that the path to .

In addition, players all this Lost Ark Mokoko Seed they must make absolutely sure that they do not send the final boss before collecting. Indeed, killing that enemy will make it impossible for fans to return to other parts of the dungeon, and they may have missed something. Mokoko Seedsto access Stormcry Grotto'They will have to clean it all over again.

Lost Ark: Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seed Locations

Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seed
Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seed
  • 1: First Rooster Seed , right next to the telescope, on the edge of the wooden deck.
  • 2: Near a pile of gold and some chests on the ground Rooster Seed call.
  • 3&4: Two Mokoko Seeds Follow the path at the green dot to move to a platform. The first of these Seeds is right in front of a tent, and the other is in the water splashing on the rocks.
  • 5: The Fifth Mokoko Seed sits on the edge of the broken bridge.
  • 6: Lost Ark players bu Mokoko Seed, They will find it right next to a table with several bottles on it.
  • 7&8: Jump off the main road at the point where the line starts on the map above. Continue forward and up the stairs to board a ship where both Mokoko Seeds can be found.
  • 9: This Mokoko Seed is on the ground next to a decorative gold plate with a skull on it.
  • 10,11,12:  These are Mokoko Seeds, which can only be acquired after killing all the bats and slimes. MMORPG fans need to follow the secret path indicated by a line on the map above. This path leads to a treasure room, and there's a Seed in the upper left corner, next to the sofa in the upper right corner, and one near the staircase in the lower left corner.