Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Brawl Stars Bo 

In this writing Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes we will examineBofires three explosive arrows at their target. Her super ability places three hidden explosive mines on the ground!5040 soulful Bo star powers, accessories and Bo costumes We will provide information about

Also The Turkish Bo How to play, Tips What are we going to talk about.

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Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Bo Brawl Stars Character

Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Boo, 3000 When you reach the Trophy, you get a unlocked Trophy Path reward. common character.

He has fairly high health, moderately high damage, and great utility. Attacks with explosive arrows that deal moderate damage at long range. Her Signature ability lays invisible traps in an area that explodes when an enemy steps on it.

First accessory Super Totem, Places a ward that slowly charges nearby allies' Supers.

Second accessory Trap Wireallows him to manually detonate his mines without an enemy needing to trigger them.

First Star Power Eagle Eye widened the field of view towards the bushes.

Second Star Power, Bear Trap, causes its mines to momentarily stun enemies instead of kickback.

Attack: Eagle Eyes

Bo fires three exploding arrows that shatter enemies like an eagle's claws.
Bo fires three explosive arrows that deal moderately high damage to enemies within a small radius of the explosion. They have a long range and are fired with a small sweeping spread from left to right. The attack takes 0,85 seconds to complete.

Super: Fox Hunt ;

Bo hides explosive traps in the ground. When triggered by an enemy, the traps explode after a short delay, knocking back enemies and dealing damage.
Bo fires three mines that explode 1,15 seconds after being triggered by enemies, dealing damage, destroying nearby obstacles, and knocking back all enemies within a 2 square blast radius. Traps are invisible to the enemy when placed, but when triggered, they momentarily beep and flash before detonating.

Brawl Stars Bo Costumes

  • Mecha Bo
  • White Mecha Bo
  • Golden Mecha Bo
  • Horus bo
  • Fiend Bo
  • Akinci Bo(Christmas Double Showdown Challenge costume)
Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Bo Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Bo Features

Health 5040
Damage per arrow 728 (3)
SUPER: Damage per trap 2016 (3)
super length 250 ms
Reload speed (ms) 1700
Attack speed (ms) 900
speeding Normal
attack range 8.67


level hit points Damage Super Damage
1 3600 1560 4320
2 3780 1638 4536
3 3960 1716 4752
4 4140 1794 4968
5 4320 1872 5184
6 4500 1950 5400
7 4680 2028 5616
8 4860 2106 5832
9-10 5040 2184 6048
Level Health
1 3600
2 3780
3 3960
4 4140
5 4320
6 4500
7 4680
8 4860
9 – 10 5040

Bo Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Eagle Eye ;

Bo detects enemies hidden in bushes at 150% longer range than normal.
This Star Power allows Bo to see 2 tiles in the bushes instead of the normal 5 squares (and his team can see the wide field of view as well). This allows him to detect enemies in bushes or wait for an ambush before enemies can see him.

warrior's 2. star power : Bear Trap ;

Instead of knockback, Bo's traps stun the enemy for 2.0 seconds!
Bo's mines now stun enemies for 2 seconds instead of knocking them back, making them vulnerable. The stun does not stack; instead, it will restart when another mine hits an enemy.

bo brawl stars picture
bo brawl stars picture

Bo Accessory

Warrior's 1st accessory: Super Totem ;

Bo drops a totem within its area of ​​effect that recharges his and allies' Supers.

Bo drops a small totem pole within the area of ​​effect that will recharge his and allies' Supers for 5% per second. A total of 20 seconds is required to fully Supercharge using this accessory. Each ward has 1000 health and a radius of 2,67 squares. If Bo places another totem, the previous totem will be destroyed automatically. Offense effect stacks if multiple wards from multiple ally Bos

Warrior's 2st accessory: Trap Wire ;

Bo triggers all of his mines after 1,5 seconds. During the delay, mines are completely undetected by opponents.

Once activated, Bo's mines will have a 1,5 second delay before detonating. This explosion has the same effects as the original methods, and Bo's Bear Trap star power can activate and destroy walls; however, the enemies cannot see the mines before they explode.

Bo Tips

  1. Bo's super can be used to defend critical paths on the battlefield. Enemies following this path take high damage when stepping into the trap. Diamond Catch It can be used to close the diamond mine with traps in its event and can damage enemy Warriors who collect diamonds from it.
  2. Bo's fairly high health, War BallIt can be used to deliver the ball to the enemy's goal. Additionally, Bo's mines can be used to break through enemy cover. Due to Bo's relatively long range, it can be useful to clear certain maps, especially if they have teammates with long-range abilities.
  3. Bo always shoots three arrows from left to right. You can take advantage of this to control the spread of your arrows. If you want to concentrate the fire in a small area, move left while shooting and let more arrows hit a single target. Move right for a wider attack. Increasing the spacing between each arrow will give the attack a wider spread.
  4. Bo's Super Totem accessorycan be used near your team's spawn location to allow them to earn their Super before a team fight. This also reduces the chance of the enemy destroying your totem.
    Bo's Bear Trap star power can make a big impact in a few Weekend Events. If one of your enemies is stunned, you and your allies can temporarily deal massive damage to them without being targeted. .
  5. When an enemy tries to defuse your traps, you can use Bo to catch them off guard and deal instant damage. Trap Wire accessory use it. Combined with Bo's second Star Power, Bo can passively force enemies not to neutralize their mines. This allows it to control open spaces by simply selecting this accessory.
  6. When Bo's Super is used, the third mine is set a little later than the other two. Therefore, Bo's Trap Wire accessory Activating your Super immediately after using it will only detonate two mines.War BallThis can be used to blow up walls or obstacles in front of the enemies' castle, making it much easier to score goals. A mine would still remain hidden until an enemy stepped on it.
  7. Before the enemy came upon him, Bo's Trap Wire accessory  Try using it, because the 1,5 second delay allows the enemy to escape. Also note that the 1,5 second delay takes longer than the usual 1,15 seconds.
  8. That's good when you know there's an enemy hiding in a bush in front of you behind a wall of Bo's mines. Throw it in front of them so they can't get through the wall so they have to get inside.

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