Among Us March Update Patch Notes

Among Us March Update Patch Notes ; A new chat feature has been added to the game.

Among Us The 21.02.2021 update has arrived and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. With bigger things on the horizon for Among Us in 2021, the developer Inner slot released a small patch for the game that adds a useful new feature: Quickchat. This feature allows players to quickly transfer information to their teammates without having to type them in manually; this is great for mobile gamers and Nintendo Switch players. This is also a security feature, so it will be enabled by default for players aged 18 and under. Still, everyone else will be able to toggle the new Quickchat feature on or off from the game's settings. new Among Us March updateThe new feature is in this article.

Among Us March Update Patch Notes

This update is minor and there is only one new improvement.

Quickchat added

If you are using text chat this is an easier, faster and safer option to play! There will still be an option for free chat (turn On/Off in Settings) and you'll have Quickchat for you if you're under the legal age limit.
This update weighs 50MB on Steam and is currently available on all platforms. While not the most useful feature for PC and mobile gamers with easy access to the keyboard, Nintendo Switch players will find it much easier to communicate with other teammates with the introduction of Quickchat.

Mart Among Us Shortly after the update was released, Innersloth noted that more fixes are on the way for other known issues. “We are very aware that many things are broken and we are working very hard to put out these fires! We are also working to fix the age limit to 13. Thank you for your patience as we work to fix this update! ”

Among Us Another big update is coming soon. This upcoming patch will add a brand new map to the game called Airship. There are also a number of other highly requested features coming to the game soon, such as an account system. If you're on Nintendo Switch, thanks to an exploit that fans discovered airship You can play the map early now.

How to Use Quickchat Among Us

To change modes, go to Settings > Data. In this menu, you can switch between “Free or Quick Chat” or just “Quick Chat Only”. Quickchat has been implemented as a security feature and is intended for users aged 18 and under. However, if you are over the age limit, you can choose one of the two modes.

When you are in a match, you can select the text chat icon like normal, but there will be a new Quickchat icon next to the text field. When you click on it Among Us Seven topics commonly used in games are presented. You can ask where a body was found, tell your crews you believe someone has reported it, or even claim that another player is lying or using a vent.

Among Us now available on PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game is also coming to Xbox consoles sometime this year. A PlayStation version has yet to be officially announced. For more information on this update, see the official Among Us Visit the Steam page.

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