What Does Loop Hero: Maze of Memories Do?

What Does Loop Hero: Maze of Memories Do? ;One particular card in Loop Hero, Maze of Memories, doesn't have immediate use, but rest assured, there is one, which you can find in our post.

Fascinating interpretations of existing and even evolving genres should be valued, and that certainly applies to Loop Hero. Like a rogue, he puts a new spin on every mechanic in the vicinity to get rid of items for profit.

What Does Loop Hero: Maze of Memories Do?

Not every item is easily visible in Loop Hero and a few things need to be unlocked. More than that, many elements need to be discovered before their uses are known. One of them is Maze of Memories, a particularly odd card that offers no clues as to how it should be used. But although the game itself says that Maze of Memories is of no use, rest assured that this is not true.

What is the Maze of Memories? (Maze of Memories)

Maze of Memories is a Field Card, a mechanic unique to Loop Hero. These cards are used to create new environmental features in the cycle or cycle the hero walks through. Most of them either create new monsters to fight or provide bonuses to the hero. Most of these tiles can be combined for more bonuses, but not for Maze of Memories. In fact, all Maze of Memories does is create lots of tiles with no effect and occupy potentially useful space with no bonuses for the hero.

Hidden Use of Maze of Memories

To understand what Maze of Memories is most used for, it's important to remember another feature of tile placement: filling the boss gauge. This meter is filled as gems are placed, and once filled, a boss will appear in the camp for players to challenge. These bosses are the keepers of powerful items like the five Orbs, with the only exception to the Expansion Orb. Bosses also become stronger the longer the player continues without fighting them after spawning. It's hard to fight the boss at the right time.

This gets even harder in the later parts of Loop Hero, where enemies, including bosses, get stronger. Fighting a boss at the wrong time in these Chapters can result in a devastating death and it is difficult to time the boss to spawn correctly as placing pieces is required.

This is where Maze of Memories comes in. With so many gems spawning at once, the boss can spawn very early. This way, the player can take over the boss before he builds up his strength and even take down a boss before the first cycle is complete. With the boss gone, the player can more easily focus on quests such as obtaining the Astral Orb and other endgame items.