Should We Collect Brawl Boxes? | Brawl Stars | Brawl Boxes

Should We Collect Brawl Boxes?| Brawl Stars | Brawl Boxes ; Brawl Boxes contains many surprises for players; may surprise you with another surprise, such as a new character or a new Star Power. Players collect Brawl Boxes after some levels, but it's up to the player to open them immediately or later.

Should We Collect Brawl Boxes?| Brawl Stars | Brawl Boxes

Storing and Spooling Brawl Boxes

Players are always excited when they collect Brawl Boxes. This, Brawl Boxesa potential new Brawl Stars It means they have the Brawler. However, instead of the excitement of the new Brawler, an update on a Brawler can result in a small gift, such as more coins or a new Star Power. Therefore, players to avoid disappointment Brawl Boxes tends to accumulate. But sometimes saving them gives you a new Brawl Stars kincreases your chances of getting smashed, so go ahead and save them!

Brawl Box Types

Provide players when they pass a milestone in their game and have a Brawl Box There are three types of Brawl Boxes that are awarded when rewarded with.

War Box
  • War Box

War Box, is the smallest box containing the least amount of gifts.

Big Box
  • Big Box

The big box is slightly larger than the Battle box and contains more rewards for new Brawl Stars players.

Mega Box
  • Mega Box

The mega box is awarded to the luckiest players and contains the most prizes; They can contain super cool gifts like Supers, Star Powers and new Brawlers!

How Lucky Are The Players?

Brawl Boxes work with the luck of the players; The gifts they contain are always random. No Brawl Boxis not specifically made for any player.

  • The gifts they receive as a result of their luck, so if you get a new power, then great!
  • If you get a new accessory, it's super awesome!
  • And if you unlock a new Brawler then WOW! You just won the lottery 🙂

How long should we keep Brawl Boxes?

As the levels rise, Brawl begins to lower the odds of the Boxes, and at some point they stop when players begin to become pro players, and players then open gifts in ticket mode.

Players to 350 trophies Once you reach them, there is no need to hide or stack Brawl Boxes because after that they unlock the ticket mode where they can easily buy powers and new Brawlers to defeat their enemies and push themselves higher in Brawl.

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