How Can We Fire the Reamer in CS:GO? | Fire a Teammate

How Can We Fire a Reamer in CS:GO? | Kicking a Teammate 

Sometimes a CS: GO Your teammate may need to be fired. Trolling, cheating, AFK Whether it's spinbot or similar crap, there's a reason Counter-Strike is a way to kick a teammate out of the game. All it takes is unanimous consent where all your other teammates actively agree with your decisions. Let's tell you how to kick your teammate from your team. Request How to make CS:GO Throw voting detailed narration 2022!

How Can We Fire a Reamer in CS:GO?

How to Kick a Teammate in CS:GO

Here's how to rate one of your CS:GO match. The easy way to do this is to hit the escape key and select the tick-shaped “call-vote” button on the left. Click on “Kick player” and choose the person you want to get rid of. It's that easy!

You can start a vote from the developer console, although it's a bit more complicated. First step: Make sure you have the developer console enabled! If not, you can find it in game settings. After doing that, open it and type “status”. Press Enter, then search for the name of the player in question in the stack of data that appears on the screen. Copy and paste the numeric code after the name, then type “callvote kick [user ID]” into the chat.

This also allows for some cheeky fun, but also allows you to set up a vote to kick yourself.

As the targeted player, you will automatically vote no – but the rest of your Counter-Strike team may agree it's time to get you out of there!