Download YouTube Premium APK -v16.07.34

Download YouTube Premium apk and now for free YouTube Premium use the app. YouTube premium is a spotify-like application released by the YouTube application. YouTube, which has been available for about 19 months, continues to be popular with premium users.

You can benefit from many features with this application. You can see these features as listed below.

Download YouTube Premium APK -v16.07.34

Overview Information

App Name: YouTube
Publisher: Google LLC
Genre :Video Players and Editors
Size :90M
Latest Version: 16.07.34
MOD Info: AD-Block / Background Play / HDR / Max. Resolution
Download from Google Play
February 27, 2021 Update

About YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium APK Features

  • Running in the Background
  • Ad-free
  • Video Download
  • YouTube Music Premium

And you can have many more features.
Watch ad-free video while using other apps or when the screen is locked.
Download your videos and watch them when you need them most – like on a plane ride.
Listen to non-stop music with our new music app.

The most popular of these features is undoubtedly that it works in the background. The only feature that YouTube hasn't brought since its inception is the music playing in the background.
youtube premium apk It allows you to download any video or music you want and listen and watch offline for up to 30 days.

Finally, YouTube brought this feature to users with YouTube Premium.

in You YouTube Premium apk You can download and use it for free as you wish.


As I understand it, YouTube is the most user-friendly and user-friendly app in the world because even a tech-savvy kid can use the app well. Of course, maybe they only use the basic features of this application, because in fact, the features you can enjoy in this application are very extensive. Individuals upload most of the content to YouTube, but the entertainment service is also affiliated with other media companies such as CBS, BBC, Vevo, and Hulu. These media companies associated with this app provide and share their material for YouTube. And you will be entitled to enjoy the vast content this app has to offer.

Initially, if you didn't register or log in to your Google account, this app still lets you enjoy the content for free. However, the downside you face is that you cannot comment on whether you like certain videos you watch or not. Not only that, the videos you've just watched will not be saved in the app's History list. And it will be really troublesome when you join an interesting video, but after a short time, you can't enjoy it again because you forgot the title of the video. That's why I still recommend creating a Google account and start enjoying everything the world's largest video streaming service has to offer. All the features you see in this app are the same as when you use the official website. Of course, it has been slightly modified to better suit the mobile platform in terms of interface.


In addition to the simple and easily optimized interface, Google also provides users with many unique features.

Enjoying fun videos has never been easier
It can be said that this is my favorite feature on YouTube because it brings me a lot of entertainment and learning videos from many owners. Different topics. In this app, you can discover new videos through three main categories: Home, Trending and Subscriptions. It's a place to search for trends, music videos, reviews, short films and anything that's most popular on "YouTube". The Home Page is where you can enjoy Video Clips from people or organizations you subscribe to, and is also where the developer will filter your most watched video topics. Subscription is a collection of all videos of the channels you are subscribed to, this app will update all the latest videos of the channels you are interested in. As I mentioned, you can preview the videos if you are already signed in to your Google account. account and all will be sorted by time in the History section of the Library.

Unique offline viewing feature that you can only explore with the phone app
Unlike when you experience YouTube with a web browser, the phone app also lets you download my favorite videos about my phone to watch when I'm not connected to the internet. For me this is a useful feature for me to download Music videos, game videos or many other exciting clips. Of course, you can also delete these videos if you don't want to watch them anymore.

My videos feature is useful for uploading your videos

I'm sure the video upload feature in this app will appeal to you because you can take full advantage of this feature for data. Free up space on your phone. I even have short videos that I want to save, and I often use this feature to save the videos I want. Also, this feature helps a lot in creating a channel for yourself. Yes, it is possible if you want to create a channel and engage others with your own videos.

Download YouTube Premium APK -v16.07.34

Download YouTube Premium APK



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