VALORANT 2.05 Patch Notes

VALORANT 2.05 Patch Notes  ; VALORANT 2.05 Patch Notes were shared with the players, along with the sharing made by VALORANT's Assistant Communications Specialist Jeff Landa. With the VALORANT update numbered 2.05, the game's developer team seems to have done justice.

With this update, bugs in many parts of the game were fixed, while a few changes were made in the gameplay of Sova and Astra agents. The highlight of the update was its competition and social updates.

VALUE As stated in the 2.05 Patch Notes, players escaping competitive matches will now have a small amount of tier points reduced. Also added a setting where you can toggle the Section Tier on or off.

On the social side, there are details that will affect the players more closely. While developing an AFK detection system based on what's in the patch notes, the penalties for AFK behavior have also been updated. For example, players with communication restrictions will no longer be able to play ranked games.

VALORANT 2.05 Patch Notes

VALORANT 2.05 Patch Notes

[Agent Updates]


  • Added new key assignments to the settings menu to be able to fly up and down while using the Owl Drone.


  • New key assignments have been added to the settings menu to be able to fly up and down while in the Astral Passenger form.

[Competition Updates]

  • The Career: Division Tier tab now has a setting where you can enable or disable the Division Rank.
    • This setting is on by default, but you can turn it off whenever you want if you don't want to brag about your skills.
  • In the Match History tab, you can now filter the matches you played by modes.
    • We know that sometimes you just want to look at matches in competitive mode.
  • Players escaping competitive encounters will now have their tier score reduced by a small amount.
  • Adjusted the rate of gaining and losing rank points at the Radiant level to be consistent with the ratios of rank points at Immortality.
  • Updated the layout and images of the Custom Games screen.

[Social Updates]

  • AFK detection system has been developed.
  • Updated penalties for AFK behavior.
    • These penalties include warnings, rank restrictions, cancellation of earned XP, competitive queuing and suspension from the game.
  • Updated penalties for chat-related rule violations.
    • These penalties include warnings, chat restrictions, competitive queue restrictions, and suspensions.


  • Fixed a bug where ranked match icons were not aligned on the Match History screen.
  • Astra now starts Spike Rush matches with a 5-star stack.
  • Killjoy will no longer be able to jump and place his Isolation device on surrounding items or walls.
  • Fixed Cypher's Hidden Camera pin sometimes hitting players behind a wall.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Killjoy from gaining stacks when respawning and recalling his Alert Bot and turrets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dead enemies to appear blinded in the combat report.
  • Fixed a bug where Astra was unable to trigger the "Out of Charge" line for her abilities while in the Astral Traveler form.
  • Fixed a bug where the muffled sound effect of the vision restriction effect was not triggering while Astra was in-game.
  • Fixed a bug where Cypher's Hidden Camera could target behind Sage's wall.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Astra from placing stars on top of defender boxes in the mid zone when in zone A in the Icebox.
  • Sova's Owl Drone and Astra's ascend/descend keys now properly recognize changed jump/crouch assignments.
  • The destruction range circle that spawns after the Spike is placed now properly displays.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented players from moving or pressing keys until they died when using Astra's Astral Passenger form, Sova's Owl Drone, Skye's scouts, or Cypher's Hidden Camera device.
    • We fixed some issues that caused this bug in the previous patch. With this patch, all known issues causing the error should now be resolved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the downed Stinger's butt to appear separate from the weapon.
  • Player names have been made better readable in Observer mode.
  • Fixed Skye's Trackers' movements not appearing on Brimstone's tactical map.
  • Fixed the leaderboard colors not changing correctly for spectators when changing sides.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Network Problem" icon to appear when there was no problem with the network connection.