Wild Rift Making 120 FPS – Making 90 FPS – Playing Wild Rift Smoothly

I see no one has posted this yet, but right now many good phones have a refresh rate of at least 90HZ, in my case I have a ROG Phone II with a 120HZ refresh rate and can run some games at 120FPS, Wild Rift does not currently support it, but I can download a file to TFT Mobile By editing it similar to , you can actually unlock FPS and play at higher frame rates. No root required. With the Wild Rift 120 FPS method, you can play the game much more fluently. If you have a phone that can handle 90 FPS thanks to this method, you can choose this option. Get a huge advantage over your opponents by playing Wild Rift fluently!

How to unlock FPS (90/120 FPS) in Wild Rift!

Before doing this, set your in-game graphics settings to low/medium unless you have a monster phone so your phone doesn't overheat.

  • Go to Android > data > com.riotgames.league.wildrift > files > SaveData > Local
  • There must be at least two folders with numbers in them, open both, and identify only the folder containing the “Settings” file (not the folder containing Chat, Common, TutorialData, etc.).
  • Open the file named “Settings” with a text editor of your choice.
  • Find the line of text that says “frequencyMode”:false/true”.
  • Replace (false/true) with a number of your choice, the corresponding numbers for the frames are: 0 – 30 FPS, 1 – 60 FPS, 2 – 90 FPS, 3 – 120 FPS . Example: I want to increase my FPS to 120 FPS so I change the text to ===> “frequencyMode”:3,
  • Then save the file and launch the game to test it.

You have to keep editing the file every time you start the game because the game overwrites the file, but "BagsYou can use the app called ” and make a widget that replaces the file every time you start your game. If this article attracts attention, I will also make a guide about "Tasker".

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