Dying Light 2: How to Fast Travel?

Dying Light 2: Fast Travel How To? ; Fast travel is not available from the start in Dying Light 2, but how and when to unlock it is explained in our article.

As in the game before it, Dying light 2 stay humanallows players to traverse its open world with a kind of fluidity and speed often lacking in open world games like Far Cry. This is thanks to the game's Parkour mechanics and how well they work together with the environment. Even the paragliding that opens later in the game makes the transition a breeze in Dying Light 2.

However, even with that in mind, Dying Light 2 is a step up in every way, but it's a big game with a large map that provides verticality and density compared to the classic Assassin's Creed series. This time, however, the busy city is filled with undead creatures that only become more deadly at night. Therefore, activating and using the fast travel feature of the game will be on the agenda.

Dying Light 2: Fast Travel

How to Unlock Fast Travel

Enabling Dying Light 2's fast travel feature will not turn on until the player reaches the Downtown area. This means that the game won't unlock until about 8-12 hours into the main story mode.

The Downtown area contains Subway Stations and some need to be cleared of zombies before they can be activated.

There are 9 Subway Stations to unlock in total, but the first two stations, Holy Trinity and Downtown Court, will be unlocked automatically after completing the “Let's Waltz” story mission.

  • Begin the "Let's Walz" quest by going to the Dynamo Car Factory.
  • Complete the story of the quest without forgetting to collect the bow.
  • Once the mission is complete, Aiden will find himself in the Center Loop.
  • Open the map and the Holy Trinity and Downtown Courtroom will be ready for fast travel.

Unlocking the First Station

With seven more Subway Stations to unlock, this can be a time-consuming endeavor. However, as many as possible fast travel Having a dot will make traversing the map much easier.

The first station it should unlock is the Hayward Square Subway. This can be found in the Downtown Central Loop and is marked in white on the map. We boarded the entrance and the subway station is full of zombies that need to be cleared, but the rewards are worth it.

It's up to the player whether they want to make it their mission to clear stations first or unlock as they progress. However, be prepared for quite a challenge as the undead will be attacked in large numbers, causing problems in a limited area. But keep in mind that Dying Light 2 is a game designed to be played with parkour, one of its greatest strengths. fast travel Do not overuse the feature and do not miss the secrets of the game.


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