Valheim: How to Build a Stand of Armor | Armor Stand

Valheim: How to Build a Stand of Armor Armor Stand , Armor Stand ; Valheim players who want to build the latest added armor stand to the game, can refer to this article for help…

valheim Although players are immersed in a world filled with frightening creatures, they have a variety of wonderful places to build and create. After making sure their base is safe, the game offers a good selection of decorations for players to use. valheim There are different thrones, chairs and lighting fixtures that players can build and place to make their shelter feel like home.

However, some items require materials locked behind boss battles. This makes it a little difficult to know when certain items are unlocked to players in the game. Recently added to the game Armor Stand This article was written to be helpful for Valheim players who want to create .

Valheim: How to Build a Stand of Armor

Armor Stand It's mainly a decorative addon, but it takes quite a bit of playtime to unlock it.

This item is for players eight pieces of Good Wood, four Iron Nails, and two Leather Scraps Requires collection.

This immediately means that interested players must have at least defeated Valheim Eikthyr's first boss and The Elder to unlock the Armor Stand.

When The Elder is defeated, players gain access to the Swamp Key in Valheim. This item opens Sunken Vaults in the Swamp Biome and players must travel to them and mine Muddy Scrap Pile to collect the Scrap Iron they need for Iron Nails in the recipe. Scrap Iron can then be melted in a Foundry to produce Iron, which can be used to create Iron Nails in a Foundry.

With at least one Bronze Ax Birch (Birch) and Oak Fine Wood can be gathered by hitting (oak) trees. Downloading just one pair of either tree type should provide players with enough Quality Wood for this recipe. Leather Scraps in Valheim are relatively easy to find, and players simply need to hunt the Boar in the Meadows Biome to collect it. Players can make the Armor Stand with their Hammer with all these materials.

Armor Stand Uses in Valheim

As the name suggests, Armor Stand (armor stand) primarily used to store a player's armor when they are not wearing it. This is done by selecting the armor pieces on the numbered hotkeys that players want to turn off when close to the Armor Stand. It can hold an entire set of armor, but only a single tool or non-armor item.

Its main function is as an easy display and storage place for Valheim's newly added armor sets, such as the Root Armor Set and the Wolf Armor Set. These are special armor sets that are more useful in certain biomes and are unlikely to be a player's main set. When players no longer go to Swamp or Mountain Biomes, they can use these sets. Armor Stand they can close.