Skyrim: How to Install Alternate Launch Mod? | The Alternate Start Mod

Skyrim: How to Set Up Alternate Boot Mode? | The Alternate Start Mod; If you don't like the introduction of Skyrim, this article is for you. Would you like to skip the drive to Helgen and start over? Look no further than the Alternate Startup add-on for Skyrim.

Skyrim It's no secret that it's an old game in 2021 with an intro sequence that many players have memorized. Skyrim's story is slightly more on the rails from the start than other Elder Scrolls games, but that all changes with a simple (and hugely popular) add-on: Alternate Beginning – Live Another Life.

Alternative Start has been around many times since its release. Skyrim It has been the mainstay of the mod maker's upload order. Instead of starting the car journey to Helgen, players can wake up in a prison cell in the middle of nowhere, ready to start their adventure in any direction without being attacked by Helgen and the dragon. And best of all, it's also available on consoles.

Skyrim: What is Alternate Launch Mode? | What Is The Alternate Start Mod?

Skyrim: Alternate Launch
Skyrim: Alternate Launch

Alternate Start does what it says on the box – after installation, each new Skyrim save file starts directly on the character creation screen. After customizing and naming a character, players find themselves (in classic Elder Scrolls style) in a prison with nothing but a Mara Statue, a bed, and shabby furniture. By talking to the Statue of Mara, players can customize their character's starting point as well as some other core RPG elements such as your character's background that affects starting gold, equipment, and more.

Alternate Start effectively gets rid of all the traditional Skyrim opening by giving players the option to spawn almost anywhere in the world, including player-owned houses, cities, guilds, castles, caravans, or a completely random location. The main quest isn't completely over, as discovering Helgen later will start the quest to warn the Jarl of Whiterun of the Dragon attack. It is a very light mod that fundamentally changes how a player experiences Skyrim from the very beginning and is a must-have for players who like to play multiple characters.

Skyrim: How to Install Alternate Launch Mod?

Alternative Start , Bethesda's Skyrim It is a very convenient mod to install, as it is listed on the in-game modding platform for As for how to install the Alternate Start mod this way, it's literally as simple as opening Skyrim, going to "Mods" in the main menu, and finding Alternate Start in the lists. Before starting a new game, download it to your device and make sure it's enabled and in your install queue. It is also available through the Nexus Mod Manager, which requires players to download the Alternate Start add-on via the manager rather than an internet browser.

To install it manually as a PC user, download the mod files via Skyrim Nexus or other mod hosting websites. Then drop the individual files listed in that zip folder into your Skyrim/Data folder (usually located in Steam/Steamapps/Common). Make sure the .esp files are enabled at startup and you're good to go! As always, make sure the version of the mod you downloaded from any source matches the version of your game – for example, Anniversary Edition players have reported game-breaking bugs when trying to install older mods.