Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK – v1.2.9

 Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK – v1.2.9 ; truck simulator 2018 europe apk : Europe is the mobile version of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game we know from the computer. In the game, you try to earn money by making deliveries to different routes and cities with your truck. With the money you earn, you can open companies and buy new garages. You also have the chance to buy the vehicles with the most powerful engines. When starting the game, you need to determine your company logo, avatar, company name and your own name. After you pass this stage, you can start driving by clicking the green button that says “Create”. Gas, brake, gear, etc. in the game. Control panels like these are located on the right side of the screen. When you enter a company, first have the trailer to be loaded into your vehicle. Then, leave the company and follow the map on the top right or the voice assistant and deliver the product given to you to the buyer.

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK – v1.2.9

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK - v1.2.9
Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK – v1.2.9

Truck Simulator 2018 : There are cities belonging to Europe in Europe game. There are both inside and outside driving angles in the game. I think the most realistic and best driving is from inside the car. One of the nice things about the game is that it contains realistic elements. For example, if you feel sleepy while on the road, you have to go to a resting facility and sleep. Otherwise, the screen starts to go black after a while. There is also a petrol system in the game. Stop by any gas station and fill your tank before you run out of gas. My brothers, if you like truck driving games, you can download Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe money mod apk, which is the best mobile game of this genre, to your phone. Thanks to this apk file, you will be able to buy all the trucks in the game. You can also arrange your existing truck as you wish. I wish you all a pleasant ride!

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 Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK features

  • License :Free

  • Version :1.2.9

  • Platform :Android

  • Language Turkish

  • Developer: Zuuks Games

Download Truck Simulator 2018 Europe APK ; truck simulator 2018 europe apk

Drive Your Truck and Complete Missions in Truck Simulator 2018 Europe

Truck Simulator 2018 Europe is a driving game that puts you in control of a virtual truck. Drive around a series of European roads and complete as many missions as possible.

Drive and complete missions across Europe

In Truck Simulator 2018 Europe, your job is to take control of a truck and complete a series of missions based on typical missions that a real truck driver might encounter on a daily basis. Your missions will take you to Europe and protect you against realistic weather conditions, highway toll roads and other obstacles. With over 60 levels on offer, fans of mission-based driving games will find a lot to appreciate.

Customize Your Truck Driving Experience

The game includes a number of customization options for your virtual truck, and players can choose between third person, first = person exterior and first person indoor landscapes. With over 250 radio stations included, you can tailor the game's background music to your personal taste. There are nine different trucks to choose from in the game; After choosing and customizing your vehicle, you can hit the road.


  • There are various customization options.
  • Realistic graphics, including truck interior.
  • Multiple trucks to choose from.

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