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Brawl Stars Piper

In this writing Piper Brawl Stars Features and Costumes We will examine.2400 soulful Piper's sniper shots deal more damage the further you go. Her superpower throws grenades at her feet, while Piper walks away! Intimidating your opponents from quite a distance. Piper We will provide information about Features, Star Powers, Accessories and Costumes.

In addition, Piper Nprincipal to playTips What are we will talk about them.

Here is all the details Piper character…


Piper, low health but has the potential to deal very high damage to targets Epik is a character. Fires a long-range projectile that deals more damage the farther it is from its umbrella. Her Signature ability throws grenades at her feet before she moves away from her enemies, dealing damage to enemies upon explosion.

With 10 health at level 3360, Piper has the ability to deal 5040 super damage.

You can intimidate your opponents with Piper from a distance, but Piper also has some disadvantages. For example, because he is a slow character Crow It can be easily eaten by fast characters such as.

First accessory  Auto Aim , Allows him to fire a bullet from the side gun towards the nearest enemy, pushing them back and slowing them for a moment.

Second accessory , Guided missile, brings its next bullet at enemies.

First Star Power Ambush Causes (Ambush) to deal bonus damage when shooting through brush.

Second Star Power Rapid Shooter (Snappy Sniping) recharges some of its ammo when it hits an enemy.

Piper Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Brawl Stars Piper character

Piper Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Attack: Shamsilah (Gunbrella) ;

Piper shoots a sniper from the end of her umbrella. The farther the shot flies, the more shots it gets!
Piper fires a single bullet from her very fast moving umbrella. The further the bullet travels, the more damage the bullet deals, so Piper is less effective against nearby enemies, but excels at supporting her team at range. Piper's attack has a very slow reload rate and a slow fire rate. Piper cannot attack more than once every 0.5 seconds.

Super: See you (Poppin') ;

Piper jumps to avoid offensive suitors. Yet he leaves them with a lady's favor: live grenades from his garter!
Using her Super, Piper will leap into the air and drop 4 grenades below her, dealing heavy damage and knocking back nearby enemies when they detonate. While in the air, Piper is completely immune to all damage as well as damage applied over time. Grenades take 0.7 seconds to explode and have a 2 tile explosion radius.

Brawl Stars Piper Costumes

Piper Brawl Stars has 5 different costumes in the game. To purchase these costumes, you need to make 3 different payment methods. There are costumes that can be purchased with in-game purchases, as well as costumes that you can obtain by completely opening the box.

We have listed Piper Brawl Stars costumes for you, our dear readers;

  • Pink Piper: 500 Star Points
  • Skeletor Piper: 80 Diamonds (Released due to Halloween.)
  • Love Angel Piper: 150 Diamonds
  • Pure Silver Piper: 10k gold
  • Pure Gold Piper: 25k gold
  • choco piper
Piper Brawl Stars Features and Costumes
Piper Brawl Stars Features and Costumes

Piper Features

  • Health: 2400(level 1)/3360 (level 10)
  • Speed: Normal
  • Damage at highest range: 2260
  • Range: 10 units
  • Attack speed: 750
  • Reload speed: 2300
  • Damage per grenade: 1260 (can use 4 times)
  • Level 1 damage: 1520
  • Level 9 and 10 damage: 2128
  • Super damage: 5040
Level Health
1 2400
2 2520
3 2640
4 2760
5 2880
6 3000
7 3120
8 3240
9 – 10 3360

Piper Star Power

warrior's 1. star power : Ambush ;

Piper's attack deals +800 extra damage when hiding in a bush (at max range).
When Piper is hidden in a brush, her main attack takes 800 bonus damage, allowing her to deal 2928 damage at max range. The bullet also gets a rainbow trail that replaces the standard rings. Piper's ammo stick turns yellow instead of the usual orange when hidden in a bush. The sound of the shot has also been replaced with the somewhat layered sound of the normal shooting location above it.

warrior's 2. star power : Rapid Shooter ;

When Piper hits an enemy with her attack, she instantly recharges 0,4 ammo.
When hitting an enemy, Piper instantly charges 0,4 rounds and increases her reload speed. If Piper hits turrets or minions (like Nita's bear), it will also activate. This, Auto Aim Includes hits in the accessory.

Piper Accessory

warrior's 1. accessory : Auto Aim ;

Piper fires a defensive shot at the nearest enemy, dealing 100 damage while also knocking them back and slowing them.
Piper pulls out a pistol and fires a small, thin, glowing projectile toward the nearest enemy within a 7-frame radius. The projectile will knock back the target and temporarily slow it for 0,5 seconds if hit.Accessory, Star Power Rapid Shootercan trigger .

warrior's 2. accessory : Guided missile (Homemade Recipe);

When activated, Piper's next main attack targets enemies.
Piper's next attack is a projectile that curves towards the nearest enemy. Guided shells fly for an additional 3.33 tiles. Piper will have an accessory symbol above her head indicating the use of this accessory, as well as a glowing attack joystick. The cooldown for this accessory starts after this bullet is shot.


  • Because Piper can use her high range It is effective when hidden in bushes in open areas.
  • Piper, Due to his low health and very slow reload as well as dealing only enough damage from afar, he can be easily knocked down and defeated if left unprotected. Piper is most effective when protected by the other player on her team. If enemies get too close, it might be a good idea to use Piper's Super to dodge if she's Supercharged. You must aim too, because otherwise you will land where you jumped.
  • Try to anticipate your target's movement while shooting. Because Piper's shots are narrow, you'll need to aim in front of your targets if they're moving so they don't get out of the way of the shot.
  • Piper because it only affects the area right next to it. çarrow has a defensive Super, however, it can also be used as an offense in a riskier game. Piper can rush into the enemy team, throw grenades and fly away. Additionally, he can destroy enemy cover by using Super to open the map. This is to his advantage because he's more effective on open maps with long range.
  • Piper's Super can be used to shape the map to your advantage, otherwise you can destroy the walls behind which your opponents would hide.
  • Darryl, Bull ve Mortis Charge Piper's Super first, as there are characters that can run directly, such as
  • Assassin characters have above-average speed and (Mortis's shot, Crow'flour and Leon's Supers, etc.) is a big opposite of Piper,
  • Think carefully about where Piper lands after Super. Because it takes a long time to land, it is easy for the enemy to predict where to go. Try going to areas where the enemy will take a long time to reach, such as in water areas or behind walls, but be sure not to land near where other enemies are.
  • Piper's Auto Aim Her accessory can be used to intercept enemies following her at close range, as her main attack does very little damage at close range. It can also help Piper hit her narrow strokes. He can hit the enemy more easily as his enemy's movement speed will be reduced, or alternatively he can use their reduced movement speed to escape.
  • Piper's Guided missile The (Homemade Recipe) accessory can be used to defeat low-health enemies hiding behind walls. Piper can also take advantage of her accessory's extra range to finish off enemies outside her attack range.

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