League of Stickman V6.0.9 MOD APK – Mega Mod

League of Stickman V6.0.9 MOD APK – Mega Mod If you like action, adventure and stickman games, it is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by DreamSky studio, which I think you should try. You can find the League of Stickman v6.0.9 MONEY HILELİ APK link in our article.

League of Stickman V6.0.9 MOD APK – Mega Mod

Overview Information

Application Name : League of Stickman
Publisher: DreamSky
Type : Action
Dimension : 130M
Latest Version : 6.0.9
MOD Information: Ability / Shopping / All Heroes
Download : Google Play
Update : February 22 2021

About League of Stickman

Your goal is to fight against your enemies in the sections you are in with the hero you control and complete the missions. Due to the financial problems and general difficulties experienced in League of Stickman, I offer MOD APK, that is, unlimited money fraudulent, unlimited diamond fraudulent, serial special abilities fraudulent, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest, use all the characters and open as many chests as you want. Characters with different abilities, dozens of stages, equipment and more are waiting for you. Bug fixes have been made in League of Stickman v6.0.9 version. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers. League of Stickman has been downloaded more than 460.000 times on the Play Store.

During the annual Halloween holiday, hell opens the door, allowing ghosts and demon spirits to find a suitable person to usurp the body. An unfortunate event happened. The Demon Lord was released by his retainers after thousands of years of imprisonment. He used his power to destroy the gates of hell and save all evil spirits. He formed an army to slaughter humanity in order to achieve world domination. Stickman heroes realized these dangers. They used all their strength and courage to fight the dark forces to keep human peace. Darkness is spreading everywhere, lightning flashes across the sky as if signaling bad things. Can the heroes survive after this war?

stickman fighting RPG games

Join League of Stickman game 2019, you will be cast as a stickman hero and control him against monsters. At each stage of the journey you are taken to a map. There will be many monsters here. They constantly attack you and you have to use stickman's skills to respond. Finally, you will fight the Boss to finish the current stage and move on to the next stage. Note that the monsters will get stronger with each stage and make you harder. Therefore, to increase the strength of your character, you should accumulate money, power stones and rare equipment that falls on them.

Sometimes if you get a little bored in the plot mode as you have to fight a lot of monsters. Join the PvP mode to connect with other players around the world. You can team up with them, then cross the lagoons or fight them in the Arena arena. However, if you want to participate in this mode, you must connect your game to a social network account (Facebook, Google+) and have a stable internet connection.

Simple controls

Control is also simpler as League of Stickman 2019 is developed on a 2D platform. The control panel of the game consists of 2 parts, movement and skill. In the move section there are 2 arrow buttons to control the character moving left or right. The skill section consists of 5 buttons. Including 4 special battle skills button and 1 normal skill button. Each special skill has a recovery time. You will have to wait for this period to continue using it again.

Various character system

There are more than 2019 characters for you to play in League of Stickman 10: Ninja, Gus, Athy, Feist, Bladey, Zilong, Shadow Fighter, Monk,… Each character belongs to a different class and has Special fighting skills. The class can control the attributes of each character. The red class character will have a stronger combat ability, the yellow character will have more vitality and can regain vitality during battle, while the character will have a green class. can move faster. However, if you are a beginner, these characters are not available. You can perform quests or collect gold coins to unlock them.


Upgrade is an essential feature in every role-playing game and League of Stickman 2019. Upgrade helps characters become stronger in many ways. If you upgrade the equipment or match the gems with the equipment, the damage, defense, combat speed, vitality, etc. will increase. Its features will be improved. In addition, you can also upgrade your character's fighting skills so that they have stronger fighting abilities. What's more, when skills are upgraded, the skill recovery time is also reduced so you can use more.

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