Hades: How to Defeat Tisiphone

Hades: How to Defeat Tisiphone It will take patience and practice to defeat this tough boss in Hades. Here are some tips on how to download them!

A game named after the Greek god of the underworld. Hades It's suitably challenging when it comes to fast-paced gameplay. One of the tricky aspects (in a fun way) is the many boss fights that force players to hone their skills or adopt a new tactic to prevail.

Probably in Hades one of the toughest of these formidable bosses, due to his powerful attacks and fast moves It is Tisiphone. In addition to needing a solid structure to take him down, players will need to anticipate their attacks and adjust their counterattacks accordingly to be successful.

Tips on How to Beat Tisiphone

Hades: How to Defeat Tisiphone
Hades: How to Defeat Tisiphone

General Advice for Boss Fight Against Tisiphone

of the players to Tisiphone The build they use against doesn't matter much as long as they have enough range and speed on their side, as this will allow players to keep up with and damage the boss in the gaps between their powerful attacks. Therefore, players should focus more on anticipating and avoiding Tisiphone's attacks before unleashing their counterattack.

Attack Analysis – Columns Of Green Fire

Before performing this attack, tisiphone it will stay in the same spot and spin rapidly for a moment as large, dark circles appear in front of it in a linear pattern (or in three directions around it in its third phase). These circles foretell where the green pillars of fire will appear, but they don't stay for very long, so be sure to get out of the way before the damaging part of this move explodes from the ground.

Attack Analysis – Single-Wing Melee Strikes

These successive green slashes are what comes after Tisiphone raised her singular wing for a long time. They can do quite a bit of damage, and since slashes are done in quick succession, players will inevitably be hit by more than one if they get caught in this attack. The best way to avoid damage from these melee attacks is to move away from the boss when he raises his wing in front of him.

Attack Analysis – Dashing Orb Attack

While it doesn't look too threatening, it's probably the move that will do the most damage to players, as very few telegraphs are made. of Tisiphone As he launches the green energy orbs, all he has to do is briefly raise his hand, which can be very hard to see during the chaotic battle, before rushing forward. Therefore, players who want to avoid being damaged by this attack should make sure to stay near or behind the boss. They will only advance with this attack, and also, since the orbs are launched at a vertical angle from his dash direction (both left and right), they will not be able to hit the player if someone is behind the boss.

Attack Analysis – Spinning Orb Attack

Unlike the Thrown Sphere Strike, this spinning variant is probably the easiest for more players to dodge, as Tisiphone, It spins in place while emitting green spherical-like particles moving outward somewhat slowly. To dodge this attack, stay away from the boss and sneak through gaps as the orbs travel further away from their origins.




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