Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey

Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey ; Honey is an easy way to make money in Stardew Valley. You can find the details of how to maximize your profit as a beekeeper in our article.

Players in Stardew Valley aim to live off the land – but not just by growing crops and raising animals. There are many ways players can use their tools to create artisanal items, and one that is sometimes overlooked is honey.

Even so Stardew ValleyHoney in Turkey is easy to grow and can quickly become highly profitable. Players can just build a few bee houses and leave them out – or take things to the next level if they want to build a honey empire.

Building a Bee House

Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey
Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey

The Bee House crafting recipe becomes available at Farming Level 3. Players will need the following materials for a Bee House:

  • 40 Wood
  • 8 Coal
  • 1 Iron Rod
  • 1 Maple Syrup

Once ready, put the Bee House anywhere outside – on the farm, in the forest, in the quarry. No matter where the Bee House is placed, it will produce honey every 3-4 days in all seasons except Winter. Note that although they can be placed in the greenhouse, Bee Houses will not produce honey there.

Flowers & Honey Types

Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey
Stardew Valley: How to Grow Honey

If there are no flowers in the five tiles of the bee house, it will produce 100g worth (140g with Artisan profession) Wild Honey. However, planting flowers around it will change the type of honey and increase its value.

Since honey is considered as Artisan's Goods, it is influenced by the Artisan profession. If the player chooses this profession at Farming Level 10, the value of all Artisanal Goods is increased by 40%. Both regular and incremental prices are shown below:

spring flowers

Tulip Honey: 160g (224g)
Blue Jazz Honey: 200g (280g)

summer flowers

Sunflower Honey: 260g (364g)
Summer Stamp Honey: 280g (392g)
Poppy Honey: 380g (532g)

autumn flowers

Sunflower Honey: 260g (364g)
Fairy Rose Honey: 680g (952g)

Flowers grown from Wild Seeds such as Sweet Pea or Narcissus do not change the type of honey; Bee Houses near these flowers will produce Wild Honey.

What Is Honey Used For?

While it's best to sell the more valuable Honey types as is, players can craft other items or give gifts using Wild Honey or the cheaper types.

mead (Mead)

After harvest, Honey can be placed in a barrel to make Mead. Mead sells it for 200g in its basic quality and utilizes the Craftsman profession described above. Players can age it in a Barrel to increase its quality and therefore its value:

  • Normal: 200g (280g)
  • Silver: 250g (350g)
  • Gold: 300g (420g)
  • Iridium: 400g (560g)

Note that the type of Honey used to make the Mead has no effect on the quality or selling price of the product; therefore, using Wild Honey (the cheapest variety) to make Mead yields the greatest profit.

Production and Packages

Although no Cooking recipe contains Honey, players can use it together with a Warp Totem: 1 Hardwood and 20 Fibers to farm (available at Farming Level 8). The player can use this anytime, anywhere to teleport themselves back to the farmhouse immediately.

In the Community Hub, Honey is one of the options the player can use to complete the Artisan Pack in the Pantry.


Like many craft items, honey is one of the best gifts to gift other villagers to win their friendship. All villagers except Maru and Sebastian count Honey among the Favorite gifts. Because it's easy to find, Wild Honey is a great item to stock up on when trying to impress friends (or potential lovers).

Honey's alcoholic evolution, Mead, is a great gift option, especially for Pam and Willy. Most of the other villagers like it too, but avoid giving this gift to Penny, Sebastian, or (obviously) any child.